A Pre-Ecliptic Tarot Reading.


Imagine if eagles never flew their nest.

The primordial things we keep well-hidden within us are rising to the surface. Those archetypal winds that illuminate us are blowing. Pushing us up onto the land of who we truly are. Our challenges and annoyances show us the way into a deeper healing. What really gets to you these days?

The inner moon and sun will merge, creating a force-field of powerful energy through the upcoming eclipse on August 21. How you translate that energy will reflect your location on your path and an opportunity for more self-awareness. A kind of higher-powered GPS is guiding us now.

{Photo credit: Hillary Raimo}


The ripple effect of this eclipse will touch everything. Even our greatest love and our worst fears. Nothing will be left out. The totality of you will feel something everywhere. How you express these sudden primordial experiences will depend on how you relate to the reality of them.

Either way, stuff will rise to your surface, and how well you navigate the debris of yourself will depend on how flexible and self-loving you are.

Have you done the deep healing work on yourself?

If so, it will be easier but not free of challenge. Feed your flame starting now. Raise your thinking to higher domains of intuition and intellect. Open up space with others who can too. Imagine a new way through that which you think you know.

Your primordial waters have been well-protected from what threatens to contaminate them. You are strong in your defenses because you are living in a world of war. You know how to battle well, even if only psychologically. Your armor has been weakened in some places, but not broken. It is time to take it off and relate differently. An opening for a new reality is here.

This eclipse will highlight the possibilities, and you will be making a choice. The dividing of the country with the eclipse path is not all doom-and-gloom, unless you truly experience it that way, but an opportunity to heal the divide and rise up to reclaiming unity in a new way.

How do you expect to live in a world of peace if everyone relates differently?

Pay attention to how you relate to others. This is not a time to dismiss interactions or possibilities. It is a time for deep reflection. The mirrors will be big.

Redefine what peace means to you. Be specific.

For me, it’s that place within me that nothing can ever contaminate.

Everything that happens to you now is dependent on your ability to navigate your imagination and begin to explore the thought-power of creating a new vision for yourself. Align it with clear and focused emotional energy, and a new way that is sustainable in theory and application will reveal itself to you. Your vision will broaden, and the view will be larger.

You will see how things have connected leading up to this point now in your life. Synchronicity has led your way.

This is a time of great epiphany.

It is time to be a generator. Conscious and aware. Unified first within yourself, the world then around you will reflect it.

Your feminine energy is about to take a walk through her relationship with the masculine. This will manifest for you in several ways. Pay attention to who seeks you out, and open yourself to the why. Control dramas will disintegrate and disappear. You will begin to see how your awareness can navigate the quantum fields. This eclipse opens many new and wondrous things.

The eclipse is giving you access to ways of navigating the ethers you have never been aware of before. This awakening will serve as a foundation to a new you, new others, new ways. Unless you are still stuck in your doubts, negativity and hate.

The root of the pain with the masculine and feminine energies will be revealed, and you will realign and balance them first within yourself. This process is personal, private, and one only you can do for yourself. The time of needing others to hold space for us is over. We can do it alone. In knowing that, when we come together, the vibration is different, unified and more effective. Think prayer-power. You got this.

We don’t need others because we lack anything, we need others to create fabrics of golden light across a dimensional matrix that is alive and well awaiting our curiosity to explore and experience. This is your moment.

Think happy thoughts.


hillaryraimoHillary Raimo is an award-winning photographer and artist, founder of Love, Breathe for Earth (a project dedicated to aligning human love, art and meditation), author of Life According to An Unknown, eternal Earth Advocate, and Lover of Life. You could contact her via her website.


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