Work on Your Shadow to See Your Divine Light.


I have been writing for 25 years, and until two months ago, had never shared my writing with the public.

This is due to many reasons: fear, self-doubt, and most important of all, I wasn’t ready for the world to know me personally. The reason I decided to go public just a few months ago is because I was pissed off at what was being said about witchcraft/pagans/spirituality.

I saw a lot of promise-sellers popping up out of nowhere. These light-workers, who have zero experience in true light-working, are selling promises of happiness in a bottle for $39.99. They are selling you the promise that all you need to do to be happy is think it, and it will happen. While there is some truth to this, they have left out the most important factor: working on your Shadows.

These Shadows are your wounds, fears, doubts, and negative thinking that can and will block you from attracting the positive in your life. You must first become a shadow-worker before you can call yourself a light-worker.

So, there I was minding my own business, when I start to hear someone spewing out misguided information, and sugar-coated bullshit of promises of happiness all by thinking happy thoughts. And the listeners? They were eating it all up and pulling money out of their pockets as fast as they could. I wondered why they would do this.

Did they not realize if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is? I’ll tell you why they do it: because it’s the easy road, or so they are told, and everyone likes the easy road.

I’m here to tell you, as any true light-worker will, the path of enlightenment is anything but easy. It is a long, dark and winding road, where you have no one by your side but yourself to guide you through the dark. You must go through the dark, and heal all your wounds, before you can manifest and attract the positives in your life.

So why isn’t this truth being told? Because, no one will pay for something that is going to make them go through pain and not have immediate results. It is our human instinct to avoid pain, not run to it. Yet, going through the pain and learning the lessons is the only way to truly grow and live authentically.

It takes great pain to make great change. No one changes the negative about themselves or the world unless it truly affects them painfully. If you are wanting to have a balanced life, happiness, and the ability to attract what you needs, you must learn your lessons first. Enlightenment doesn’t come gift-wrapped with rainbow ribbon in a shiny box. It is found in the depths of your despair.

It is found in the darkest areas of your heart, mind, and soul. When you are all alone, crying out in pain and fear, it is found in the dark void of nothingness. Here, you finally surrender and can see your own divine light. I promise, it is there. For you are stardust, my love, the stuff of the Divine. The light is just buried deep under all your wounds and fears.

Instead of buying that shiny box wrapped with rainbow ribbon, promising you quick happiness and positivity, start digging. You will uncover the voice of your soul, your authentic self, and here, you will find your peace, purpose, and happiness.

All blessings be.


Dezaray Blankenship is a Wild Woman Warrior Witch who has been enlightening other women for the past 10 years. She is a fierce activist for the Divine Feminine, and offers Soul-Healing and Shadow-Work, through classes and one-on-one Self-Discovery missions. Her goal is to help women heal their wounds to make great change and growth through great pain and heartache. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or email her for a free personal consultation.


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