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Seeing My Truth in the Mirror.


Since my twenties, I’ve been loving my body in the mirror. Over the past 20 years, my love for myself has continually increased.

There are all sorts of feelings I have inside me that I know I wouldn’t be in touch with if I was not regularly in the mirror with myself.

I do not believe that I’m better than anyone else. I feel worthy. I feel great respect and compassion for myself. And that I believe has come from loving my body in the mirror.

In the mirror, I dance, do Yoga, sit, sing, stare, skry, think, feel, realize things, unveil truths from inside me that weren’t ready to be revealed until just that time with myself. I commune deeply with myself. I enjoy myself.

From this, I am able to be compassionate to others. From understanding myself deeply, I have the patience and the stillness to understand others. From the respect I feel for myself, I respect others.

I do not feel separate. From seeing my spirit in my eyes, I know that this spirit runs through all of life. It is life. I feel the extension of life — this life, my life — through all beings. I would not be clear on this if I did not see this in myself.

From witnessing my expressions, I have been able to come down to my truth. I know which expressions are true to my real thoughts and emotions, and which are a disguise. From this I can see more of what is true and what is false in others.

From my love for myself, I am able to love the world and everything in life even when it is hard. I know the hard stuff is just the next test or obstacle. I know that I am more powerful than I think I am. And, I know that if I push through fear, I will find greater gifts than I could’ve ever imagined.

I know I must try what I desire, because I am worth it. I know this because I see what is integral for me, and what is not, in the mirror. I can see when I am lying to myself in the mirror. And, I do not want to lie to myself to make things easier for me in the world, not for any reason. I am an authentic being, and I deserve my truth. I see this is truth in the mirror.

This was not always the way for me. I used to lie to myself. And I never had to face it, because I did not take the time to really see myself in the mirror. In high school, I only looked long enough to fix my hair, or put on makeup, or arrange my clothes to fit the current fashions of the world. Putting on this armor was my way of hiding from the world, and from myself.

Now I look in the mirror because I love to see me. I see the experience in my eyes. I feel such gratitude for myself. I laugh and smile with joy because I am free.

This takes daily attention. When I wake in the morning, I look in the mirror. I place my hands on my chest and belly, and feel my love. I love the feeling of my own body. It does not matter if my body fits what looks good to the world or not. It’s mine and I love it. I tell myself how much I love me every day.

My love sustains me, strengthens me, keeps my own energy with me, and keeps me alive and aware throughout the day. This is because I’ve started with connecting to my own life energy that is love. Every day I remember the feeling of who I am. From knowing who I am, I feel a sense of solidity even when things get super hectic or chaotic.

I have a particular way of hugging myself that I love. And, it’s likely that I’ll hug myself this way multiple times throughout the day.

Not to mention making love to myself. I believe that masturbation is one of the most powerful ways to stay connected and in love with oneself. I believe that masturbation and other forms of physical self-love practice such as simple touch or caressing are necessary to feel and remember our power. And we need to do this regularly because humans need regular reminders of our love to remember and believe it.

I am happy to see that there is much more acceptance and awareness of sexual needs of women than there used to be. And yes, it’s likely that I will do this in the mirror too.

I work out at a Yoga studio several times per week in front of mirrors. I can see my power and determination. I love to surprise myself by doing challenging exercises that I used to not be able to do. I increase my power through all aspects of myself when I see myself go beyond what I previously thought possible for me. From there, my vision for all possibilities for me increases.

From this, I believe I am limitless and free. Because I see me, I am able to be me. And, however that looks to others, or is interpreted by the world, I am okay. I am well, content, and happy to be myself.

I know that one day I will have to leave my body. For I am my spirit. But for now, I dearly love my physical form. I am grateful to have come to love myself through my body in this lifetime. I believe this is what the great Spirit wants for women. I feel the rising of the feminine power that is so needed in the world by way of women loving their body.

Our body is the instrument through which we communicate ourselves out to the world. And, it is where we feel what we need to feel to understand what we need to understand. So much of the mastery of our emotions comes from loving, understanding, respecting, and being regularly in touch with our body. From this, we can do all things and create with limitlessness, freedom, and joy.

Do some mirror-body-loving every day for the best feeling and most powerful life ever.


Leahanne Woods Smith is a lively spirit in the midst of collecting all the tools and friends needed to get the message of liberating love out into the world. She is a warrior goddess training to master herself. She feels called by the ancient ones and by the earth to continue her work in the great healing and restoration of life by following and demonstrating the truth, the life/death/rebirth cycles. She is a mother of two brilliant and fiercely loving sons. She lives in North Carolina, where she has cared for the elderly for 16 years. She has felt, understood, and seen varieties of perceptions throughout the human spirit and other spirit forms both within and outside the world. She writes and teaches as best as she can on what she has seen, and will continue to do so. She loves Yoga, dancing, singing, and creating music.


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