Who Gives a Hoot About Black Holes?


On September 14, 2015, scientists from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Interferometer Collaboration, using the LIGO detectors, observed the collision and fusion of two black holes by directly measuring the gravitational waves emitted during their collision.

This detection came almost exactly 100 years after Einstein developed his revolutionary general theory of relativity that predicted their existence, and 50 years after scientists began searching for them in earnest.  Since then, two more gravitational-wave events have been confidently detected.

There is so much time, research, and resource — hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars spent on corroborating what we call gravitational waves so we may attest that we are one step closer, as one scientist put it, to “eavesdropping on the violence of the universe.”

It’s funny, attaching words like “violence” to something so vast, something utterly incomprehensible.

I believe this fascination of what is out there is really a misplaced and deep-seated yearning to uncover what is in here, what makes us Us.

It is so easy for knowledge to become distraction. Like anything, leaning into something can ultimately draw us nearer to ourselves, but without the awareness, it is like mowing the lawn in search of a four-leaf clover.

We are all so busy so much of the time. Too busy even for our own lives and from this place — seeking becomes addictive, more becomes not-enough, and we trade tapping into the infinite internal expanse, the universe within, for mere facts about what’s out there.

What matters if you are not present? What is real if there is no you to wholly awaken and experience it? We are meant to be whole — momentarily whole. That’s just all there is. We are meant to bring all of us — every cell, every vibration, the universe of neurons and black holes of experience — into this very moment right now.

They say Knowledge is power. But I argue that Inquiry is power. And all too often the more we know, the less we inquire. Too many answers, not enough questions. In the end, there is no end and the process is the goal. The process of discovery is the very nature of evolution of you meeting yourself in new ways.

I remind myself: “Dear one, when your tires meet your own road and the ensuing friction creates those sparks that illuminate what was once dark, that is joy, that is a life worth living.”

This world of known, this encyclopedic pull from our minds to know more things in order to become more, is the part that halts us from our own true inner evolution. We allow ourselves, with answers to everything, to stop at the doorstep of true transformation. We are too eager for knowledge of subjects and objects rather than exploring our relationship to that subject or object.

And this is where life happens: through our lens of our relationship to things, not the defining of things.

Who gives a hoot about black holes colliding in the vastness of everything we still do not understand? What does that matter when we go home to our little lives and still feel the separation that is the weight of all suffering?

We are a culture of depression and obesity. We are also a species of disparity, of extremes, and ultimately distraction in the many forms it exists — knowledge being one of the most covert. I believe this comes from a fear of feeling too much.

We have fear of experiencing too much in the same way we fear too little. A fear of feeling to our core, of experiencing feeling on all levels. The fear of everything and then nothing. The inner conceiving that things end, collapsing with the immense beauty of it all, of this moment.

What matters of how we define the dark universe colliding in brief violent moments if we still can’t reconcile the emotions within our own selves, our own violence, our own darkness as well as that immense light? What is there really to know when we’ve left out our personal relevance? What good is knowledge if we don’t make it personal?

We will die! Every single one of us. I want to shout this from rooftops: “There is no time!” There is nothing to discover out there when in here is the landscape we are really wishing to know. And not know, but feel, and not feel but align, connect, integrate, merge.

When we are one with ourselves, we will be one with all. When we are one with black holes of our inner universe, we will be connected to that which supersedes us.

Our bodies are asking us to tune into our hearts, our hearts are asking us to tune into our souls, our souls are asking us to tune into what is beyond us and connects us to the entirety of everything– every person, every breath, every plant, every planet, every movement, every moment.


wp-content-uploads-2015-06-scarletwells02Scarlet Garn is a mother, wife, writer, and nutritionist. She lives in Maui with her husband and two boys. Scarlet believes in the edge of things, and that life is found most vibrantly here if we have the moxie to inhabit this thin line of land between the known and  unknown. She writes to know, and ultimately fall in love with life more fully. She shares in hopes it will serve as a synapse between others and their own true selves. After all, we are all in this together.


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