August Eclipses: Warriors of Light, Fasten Your Seat Belts.


The month of August is about to reshape our worlds with its sunny and energetic mix of the Lion’s Gate and the two eclipses.

As the sun rises and the regal Leo masters the sky, our worlds could be transformed fast toward more brilliance, brightness, personal power and a greater sense of inner completeness.

Most important of all, August will want us to move beyond paradoxes — even the ones of the spiritual world — and bring to our lives more forward movement with the ultimate goal of seeing all of our needs and aspirations met.


We are reminded that the purpose of our path is of finding our authentic selves, and that the road to such achievement is found by following our joy, no matter what that specifically means to ourselves as individuals.

Lions are leaders — free, charismatic and shining, but all in their own unique ways. They know that following their callings to the deepest and truest, rather than identifying with any outside mold, is what gave them their King’s crown.

As a result, the sense of purpose that we’ve developed as of now could be reshaped as August unfolds. It will most likely be the case if we didn’t truly find that path in the past on our own, but through interactions with others and a sense of belonging to a community of like-minded souls.

We are shown that being of service, promoting a certain kind of values or ethics, spreading smiles, light or justice around ourselves, can be done in many different ways based on our personal interests and passions.

The ultimate goal of the Leo zodiacal emblem is to become worldly by helping, acknowledging the needs of others, being there for them and serving a higher purpose, but Leos would never relinquish their own rising for such destiny.

Because, would a Leo inspire confidence to others, mainly to the ones they may desire to serve, if they were themselves feeling disempowered? 

For Leo is a sign that is generous in spirit as well as in deed, warm and large-hearted, but to encompass such generosity and magnanimity, one needs to feel comfortable and strong in their own skin first.


The Leonine majestic energy wants you to thrive in all areas of life including abundance, and may therefore lead you to a more balanced approach of life where you both contribute to a greater good and hence stay committed to fulfilling your own truth, but see the whole range of your needs met at the same time.

For example, there is a common belief in the New Age community regarding material needs — that oftentimes, helping others, sharing our gifts or living in freedom and according to our authentic selves also means to live in lack and relinquish our desires for comfort and wealth.

But the kings of the Savannah are here to remind us that we always have free will and we can choose what serves us the best.

August will bring about a significant push by making sure that what we do is based on full ownership and mastery of our paths, and as a result, we may feel drawn to rediscover things that we used to do but in a different way.


This is a time where past and future can collide and paradoxically bring more consistence to our journeys. This is a time when the past can be explored again, but  from a different point of view — we may go to things because we want to benefit from what they bring, rather than because we have to choose that given path.

Behind what we can easily see and what seemingly changed, there is a common thread in everyone which never left — the one of the soul essence, of those interests and personality traits which actually never disappeared and may come back in different tangible forms when more wisdom is obtained.

“The world does not move through time as if it were a straight line, proceeding from the past to the future. Instead time moves through and within us, in endless spirals. Eternity does not mean infinite time, but simply timelessness.” ~ Elif Şafak

We are asked to see the difference between activities and projects, and the energy they carry.

For example, there were things that we decided to move away from because they were initially imposed on us by others or society’s codes.

The energy in such cases was the one of the blind follower which lands in situations (How did I get there again?) instead of making decisions from the solid foundation which only a strong awareness and knowing of the self as well as a clear understanding of the rules of the world may bring.

The energies may lead us to take a closer look at things that were part of ourselves in the past, because rather than abandoning passions and interests from a place of lack of long-term awareness, it wants us to see the roots and origin of our choices so we may draw abundance and joy in our lives in the long run.


As an intense August season of in-depth reframing for more personal power and radiance is on approach, the majestic, dignified and regal Big Cat wants you to introspect and define what you should bring on the board of your life to both rise and serve a greater good.

What would you choose to do to have the joy of all of You, all of your needs met, the full gold of you shining?

Your way is unique, your path is extraordinary, and all roads can be open to you.

You may be carried toward something different, old and new at the same time.

Martyrdom never was your middle name. Beauty is your birthright.

No medals will be given to those who decided to abandon their joy, sensation of completeness, radiance and personal power in the name of an in-depth desire to create a new world or be there for others.

The beauty we shine out in the world starts within each of our hearts.


SophieGregoire03Sophie Gregoire is a writer, spiritual teacher and coach. Her travels and discoveries within herself and in the world, for the past five years, have enabled her to find her true self and help others find their own unique way. Sophie savors coffee, encounters, Yoga, meditation, and cats… while her own cat is her greatest muse! You could contact Sophie via Facebook.


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