You and Your Emotions in One Big Party.


You walk into a party and it was already swinging. The usual suspects are all around the room chatting away with their drinks in hand.

You’re standing by the door, not sure whom to approach first or how to insert yourself in.

You look to the right of the room. There you see Sadness, Anger, Fear, Disgust, and Shame.

Anger and Disgust were in a heated conversation. Sadness and Fear looked very contracted. Shame was simply jumping from one conversation to another, telling everyone what he or she should be regretting.

You couldn’t bring yourself to go anywhere near them.

Sadness was going to make you remember those times when you felt rejected by countless men.

You couldn’t bring yourself to feel the Shame for the passionate encounter you had when you were still married.

Disgust might just point fingers at you.

Fear simply wants to stop you from going for anything that you desire.

And you just couldn’t bear to hear Anger lash out at you for being such a victim.

You haven’t even joined the party yet, and you’re already feeling heavy and want to go home to your bed.

But wait… you suddenly hear laughter from the left side of the room. There you find Joy, Compassion, Wonder, Courage and Love.

You almost wanted to start walking, but wasn’t sure if you could handle all that positivity. You didn’t think you deserve any of it.

But still you remember when Joy made a surprise entrance when you looked at your newborn daughter when she came into this world.

Compassion was your best friend when you weren’t sure if you were being a good mother.

Wonder urged you all the time to still see the world in the eyes of your child.

Courage was your ally when the going got tough and you weren’t sure how to make ends meet.

And you knew that Love always stood by, letting you feel you are so much more than enough.

You start to feel this aching in your heart for all that you desire, wondering if they will just remain as that: wishes in your head.

You didn’t realize you’d been standing near the door looking uncomfortable for so long until the hostess saw you. She beamed her big white lovely smile as she headed towards you.

As always, she looked stunning and full of that natural confidence that you knew only she can pull. You’d always wondered what her secret was.

She offered you a pina colada to refresh yourself. You almost wanted to say No but hesitantly said Yes instead. You thought to yourself, “Why not? It was time for me to ease up on myself a little bit!”

With a cool drink in hand, she slowly ushered you where you didn’t want to go first, to the right side of the room.

You allowed yourself to walk tall and face those you didn’t want to face. It was now or never.

Sadness actually gave a small smile. She said she’s been grieving for a wonderful time in her life that has now gone past.

Fear admitted she hasn’t been in the kind of situation she is in now, and has been very cautious about what to do.

Shame finally admitted she wasn’t doing herself a favor by being hard on herself. In a soft voice, she said maybe it was time to change her behavior instead.

Disgust told everyone she was there to show them what they were doing to themselves. She simply wanted them to wake up to their situation.

And Anger said it was time for everyone to speak and make their voices heard. Nothing was going to happen if they just sulked around.

You didn’t realize Sadness, Fear, Shame, Disgust and Anger held so much wisdom, the ones you didn’t want to hear because you refused to go anywhere near them.

You were glad that the hostess was right beside you. She was supporting you but not pushing you.

Seeing you lighten up a bit, the hostess said maybe it was time for you to meet the others and slowly guided you to the left side of the room.

That side felt too bright, but you knew it would never hurt. With newfound resolve, you slowly opened your chest as you walked.

Joy was so excited to finally meet you. She’d been waiting for you to realize she’s always been there even when Sadness was always around.

Wonder couldn’t wait for you to start exploring the world or the people you’re in relationship with. That’s because Joy was also coming with you no matter what.

Courage said she was watching you when you were on the other side of the room and how you held yourself even amongst them. You’ve truly been your own best friend and Number One supporter.

You knew you couldn’t have done it without Compassion. She’s been very supportive all the way, even during the times when you let Shame be with you so often.

Love was beaming her beautiful heart all around, knowing you’ll always find your way back to yourself.

Suddenly, you feel fullness in between your breasts and a glow around your face. You feel strong and soft at the same time. You feel both fierce and kind.

You didn’t realize that now everyone at the party is around you. Sadness, Anger, Fear, Disgust, Shame, Joy, Compassion, Wonder, Courage and Love intermingling with each other.

You look at all their faces, and suddenly you realize that’s all you ever had to do: acknowledge their presence. They’ve always been there to guide you which way to go.

Now, you feel at peace with yourself while connected with all of them. You feel absolutely alive with the various ways you can feel. You feel amazingly empowered now that you’re in touch with yourself.

Finally, you say to yourself, “I’ve got this! I truly do!”


Abigail Tamsi has a passion for self-discovery and inner transformation. With four Scorpios in her natal chart, she is no stranger to the swirl of emotions within herself. Her journey towards truly being in love with herself has enabled her to start thriving in life. Being a single mum and a full-time corporate professional, she’s also proud to be a Reiki Master Teacher, Embodied Inner Alchemy™ Women’s Facilitator and Self-Love Guide who can hold deep and nurturing spaces for women either in personal sessions or women’s circles. You can find more about her at her website.


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