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Deliberately Create the Life You Are Meant For.


When you devote so much of yourself to someone, it is so easy to become entangled in him/her. Failing to notice, we end up losing ourselves.

Suddenly, whom we see in the mirror is someone we no longer recognize. It pains us because we see how beautiful our place in someone else’s life can be, but we lose sight of our role in our own lives. Without even realizing it, we have created a codependency.

We have forgotten who we are as we attempted to mold ourselves into something else. The further away we strayed from our individuality, the more we felt compelled to cling to this image that we’ve created. This image, identity, façade, whatever you want to call it, is all we have come to know in this time and space.

We have invested so much energy and years of our lives into it, yet somehow we still find ourselves with this undeniable void. As much as we wish we didn’t, it’s there and there is no ignoring it. This doesn’t mean that our current circumstances aren’t real, that the feelings we’ve had for one another aren’t real, that all of the joy and the pain we’ve experienced aren’t real.

It’s all real, and we have no one to prove that to but ourselves.

No one can tell us what we’ve experienced or how we perceived it to be. That is within us, no one can take that away.

Facing yourself can be the most frightening thing to do, but is also extremely empowering. It’s fucking vital.

I couldn’t stand the stranger I had become any longer. It was time to stop this vicious circle and hang up those laces. I needed to rid myself of the shoes others had given me… and, even worse, that I had given myself. Where have my favorite boots gone? I’ve tried to walk in many shoes that were not meant for me, and because of that I had grown weary in pain.

No more shooting for what everyone expected of me. It was time to be who I’ve needed my entire life. Realizing my authentic self wasn’t aligned with the life I had spent so many years creating? It fucking hurts, I feel everything and nothing all at once.

Some days there is this sharp pain in my chest that makes me sick to my stomach, and other days I feel blank and emotionless, but there’s no turning back from that moment. I need to find the breath that makes me feel alive; it’s time to reinvent myself. Why didn’t I realize this sooner?

Well of course, there is a lesson to be learned from every occurrence. Everything that happens in our lives is necessary to help us reach the next phase of awareness.

The essential factor to moving forward is acknowledging this is exactly what we asked for (whatever this may mean for you), this is where we need to be whether we like it or not. Nothing happens to us, we choose it; we welcome it into our lives.

We have to decide to deliberately create the life we are meant for. It takes strength and determination to rise up through the ashes and walk away from situations/relationships that no longer serve us. We must do this in order to continue expanding into our higher states of being. Our souls require us to make these painful choices.

We need to have the courage to release the desire to manipulate what the Divine has already planned for us.

We can try, try again to make things work with our loved ones, but the more we resist, the more suffering we will not only cause for ourselves but also for them. As we evolve, we ride different wavelengths.

Something I have recently learned is that just because someone no longer serves our growth doesn’t mean that they’re a bad person or that you are because you need to walk away from the situation. It just means that illumination is occurring, you are both evolving and your higher selves simply do not work together anymore. There is nothing left to learn, move forward.

No one can walk this path for us, but we don’t have to do it all alone. All it takes is showing up with authenticity, and our soul tribe will be more than ready to help. We’ve chosen to reincarnate and cross paths for a reason; we are all here to assist each other through these trying times.

Let me be the first to tell you that the decisions that your soul is asking you to make are in no way easy, but they are so fucking worth it! There is no going backwards; the collective needs each and everyone us to do our work. This is bigger than him and I or you and her. Living our truth and serving our soul mission is exactly what this world needs.

When we find our truth and truly commit to it, we inspire others to do the same. Who are we to expect any of our loved ones to fit into these little boxes we’ve created for them? That is not how love works. A great friend reminded me today that love is expansive, and that if we truly love one another, we will allow each other to become the greatest versions of ourselves.

The next steps in life will most likely be overwhelming and difficult. They will be filled with judgment, guilt, shame, pain, you name it. But… they will also be filled with joy, salvation, and liberty. From that deciding moment, we will be asked to stand strong in our power. We must, as a collective, remind each other through compassion and love to continue on this path.

The truth that has been placed in our hearts needs to be set free. Spirit has given us gifts that allow us to heal our deep wounds and learn how to love again. The love we feel we are lacking is inside us. Our spirit is asking us to fill ourselves with that love before involving ourselves with another. I ask that you join me in this journey of self-love, find your gift, and share it with the world by any means necessary.

You are not alone, we are one.


Angie Quijano is a woman who’s learned to embrace her inner witch and wild side. She aspires to inspire others to live their truth by sharing her experiences. She has surrounded herself with women who empower women, which has tremendously changed her life and helped her realize how vital the Divine Feminine connection is. She is mesmerized by Momma Gaia and all of her gifts. She desires to serve others and Earth by creating a life full of love. You can follow her on Instagram.


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