Liberating the Divine Masculine Liberates Us All.

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“An awakened man is a warrior of the heart. He calls to other conscious men to join the revolution, to lay down their ego, and with true masculine energy, demonstrate what it means to return to love.” ~ Daniel Nielsen

I am an Inner Child Intuitive. I work with people to heal their most foundational childhood wounds. I energetically and intuitively connect to their inner children who share with me their deepest pains at a soul level.

Often that inner child holds unhealed pain not only from this lifetime, but also from many, many other lifetimes of unresolved challenges.

Initially, I teach clients to, first, create a safe space for their inner children to share their pain, then I teach them to truly see, hear and love their inner children in a way that they never received in their actual childhood.

Ultimately, I teach them to reparent the hurting child inside of themselves so they can heal back to the happy, healthy, harmonious and blissful life that we all want, need and deserve.

Bottom line, I work with clients to give birth to their pain. It is an incredible gift when they do, such a blessing. Very much like bringing a new life into the world, as we’ve died to the only truth we’ve ever known and begin fresh and new with the truth of our challenges and who we are as powerful, unique expressions of God.

When we truly see what is holding us back from our God-Self, the pain, the rage, the grief, the sadness, when we give voice to our shame and explode the disease of perfectionism, we free ourselves to be a powerful, free-flowing being of light, a loving, creative expression of the Divine.

Freedom from the Hell of our own creation right here on Earth, gifts us with Heaven, with creativity, pleasure and bliss beyond what we’ve ever imagined we were worthy of or was even possible.

Mostly, I work with women. The Feminine is born to feel, born to heal, born to express creatively and to be a loving nurturer of the light. Most women just need a road map on how to get there. I show them their truth, they blow up their blocks and move forward at lightning speed.

Men, on the other hand, were born to be warriors, to protect the Divine Feminine at all costs. Feelings can get you hurt and distract you from your one and only job. Stoic, solid, strong, fearless — those are traits that men need to cultivate in order to be the protectors.

Many, many lifetimes of suppressing the truth about the strength of vulnerability, about the power of authenticity and the critical need for the balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine in each and every one of us, has created a planet full of numb people, but especially numb men.

Every single person on this planet needs safety and connection just to survive. To connect to a numb man, a woman must relinquish her personal power. It is a vicious circle, one that we must escape now, today, sooner rather than later.

As the planetary energy moving us towards healing becomes more powerful, undeniable, men are waking up to the truth, making conscious decisions to finally heal once and for all.

I’ve been blessed to work with a number of men as of late. In a recent healing ceremony, I guided a woman to the birth of her pain. As her husband watched her writhing in pain, releasing lifetimes worth of stuck energy, instead of running to protect her, he said, “I’m next. Work with me. Let’s do this.”

His deepest knowing took over, the knowing that healing himself would be the ultimate gift for his wife, for her, for every ancestor before him, and for his future lineage — his children to come.

We sat knee to knee in the garden. He looked me in the eyes and told me how he’d lived his life for everyone else. He told me he got the Ivy League education every one expected of him. The degree he was told to get. He followed the career path that was the fastest way to success, to the money. He told me of the pressure to be perfect for everyone else.

Then he shared his childhood pain with me. He told me every single violation he’d endured as a child. Horrors and terrors no child should have to bear witness to, let alone be subjected to.

I explained to him that he had to go to that inner violated child and give him a voice so he could be free. I explained that the only way to heal was to fully feel that pain. A tear escaped from his eye. I told him he was safe. I then spoke directly to his inner child and told him to repeat after me, “You are safe now, baby. No one will ever hurt you again. I see you. I hear you and I love you above all else.”

A flood of tears. Sobbing. Lifetimes of the deepest pain and sadness finally released.

I told him the tears were not enough. I told him the rage is also holding him back, begging to be expressed. He began to scream, the most primal of wounds finally emerging for the most blissful of healing.

This brave, powerful, vulnerable, strong and courageous being of love and light covered his face with a pillow so the neighbors would not hear his screams and cries and for close to 30 minutes, he gave birth to his pain in that beautiful garden under the moonlight.

I have never witnessed a more beautiful human in all my years of being. I have never seen such courage in a man, freeing himself on the most primal of levels and, ultimately, freeing me to fearlessly sit in my power that guided him to that moment. The deepest love and gratitude, a magnitude that I’d never felt before, filled every breath of my soul.

When I went home to sleep after this evening of intense work, the Universe would not allow me respite. Instead I was led on my own journey.

In my meditation, I witnessed the man from the garden, larger than life, standing in his full manliness on top of Planet Earth, an immense powerful being, arms and legs outstretched. A golden light began to emanate from his feet, then he exploded in a rainbow of healing love and light. His entire being filled with light until it could not be contained and finally radiated in all directions from his every pore.

The light encircled him, then enveloped the entire planet, filling every cell of Gaia’s magnificence with healing love and light.

I was breathless. In an instant, I knew this man had begun a healing revolution for the Divine Masculine on Planet Earth.

It is time for each and every one of us to heal. We do not have social problems on the planet. We do not have a gun violence problem. We do not have a sexual violence problem. We do not have a homeless problem, an orphan problem, a hunger problem or a discrimination problem. We have 7.4 billion versions of a pain problem on this planet, and it is time for us all to return to the Truth, to the Love of All That Is.

It is time, it is time for us all to deeply return to self, to heal what hurts individually, which will in turn heal Gaia and the entire collective.

It is time.


Christie Del Vesco is a College Administrator and Professor, a Universalist Minister, a member of the RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network) Speakers Bureau and single mom. She’s a children’s advocate, a survivor of many forms of sexual violence, and a voice for the survivors who have yet to find their own. Chris is a firm believer that we go through what we do, to help others when they go through the same. She also believes if we would all just “be the change,” we can change the world.


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