Why My Channel Made Me Break up with the Moon.


Many people are surprised when they find out that I am not a moon-worshiper.

I have no moon paraphernalia, no moon pictures or symbols on any clothing, altars or anything else seen on a daily basis. My life operates as independently from the lunar cycles as it can — not because I forget about it because of a busy life, but because I choose it.

This is a fairly new thing in my life. For many, many years, I have utilized the waxing and the waning of the moon to aid in my spiritual growth, yogic cycles, rituals and ceremonies, goal-setting and much more. It’s been a companion of mine for nearly a decade, and our breakup process was long — almost a year.

I knew it was inevitable for months before I actually took the plunge to clear out all the moon paraphernalia, and almost a year to actually talk about it with people.

My breakup with the moon began in Fall 2016. I was back home still adjusting from a very intense retreat earlier in the year. I was doing a lot of personal reflection and contemplation at that time usually on forest walks. On one such walk, I was contemplating women’s moon cycles. Why do we have them? Why is there pain? Why can a woman not choose when she wants to menstruate or be fertile?

The channel I received changed my life forever.

The Channel 

The information I channeled went like this: A very long time ago, humans were living in peace as one on the planet. We were much more advanced than now on pretty much all levels. A race of aliens came and a war raged. It lasted a long time, many lives were lost, and ultimately humans lost the war.

The alien victors put into law that humanity would be enslaved until the amount of lives lost in the war were replaced with an equal amount of human lives.

At that point, human women lost the power to control their menses. Their cycles were tied to the moon, which tracked the lives lost through monthly bleeding. Apparently, the moon only counts the loss of an egg in a monthly cycle if she bleeds on the Earth itself.

There were other implications of this war loss too. Humans became enslaved to the alien race, who bred with some humans, spreading their seed and DNA into the human race. They began to dis-empower and use humanity. How? Why? I am not sure yet. I’ve gathered from channels over the years that they use us to generate power from our emotions, and that if we stop feeding them they cease to exist. Literally.

I don’t really have an understanding of this yet.

So here we are now, living on an enslaved planet, soon to break free. The channel actually specified that we are coming close to breaking free from this law, and could very possibly be free from enslavement within the next 100 years. How long it takes is up to the masses of humanity and how we choose to live our lives.

The Confirmation of Ceremonies

After I received this channel, I mulled over it a long time. I didn’t talk to anyone about it. I hang out with a lot of people who love the moon. It’s normal in my day-to-day life to talk about the moon, its state, and its influence. I slowly began to draw away from these conversations as I felt deep in the pit of my stomach nervousness and discomfort. I mean, this is a radical channel to think about.

So I mulled over it until I went to ceremonies a few months later in the States. These ceremonies are called the Template Ceremonies, and are said to reconnect your original circuitry. Sacred geometry and rituals are combined with teachings about the geometry and consciousness. Totally up my alley, and my friend was facilitating the first three, so I went to California to attend.

It was in the third ceremony that we went through basically the exact same information I had been given in my channeling months prior. I was shocked and intrigued. Here is someone else confirming what I rarely spoke about in ceremonies that have been going on for almost 20 years! Almost word for word the same story, but with more information about the slave race and how it affects us.

Turns out, every time we look at the moon, it disconnects our circuitry and weakens our aura. To me, this translates to: When I look at the moon I am weakened. This extends from looking at the moon in the sky to photos and pictures of the moon and any paraphernalia of the moon.

After the ceremony occurred, I probably spent about an hour asking more about this, and came to conclude that indeed, looking the moon dis-empowers us.

Beginning to Open Up

When I came back from the ceremonies, I began to talk to select people about this while I still mulled over and processed its implications. If the moon dis-empowers us, is it used as a mind-control method? Is it being fed into New Age spirituality for control? How does this affect our use of rituals and ceremonies usually done around moon phases? How is it that priestesses came to worship the moon?

As I began to talk with others about it, they began informing me about different theories they had heard about the moon. That the moon is an inanimate object built for some reason. That it was an engineering feat. Even some people told me they had read or heard about the big war that led to human enslavement. As I began to open up, I began to see the conversation that could potentially happen.

I also began to observe how insidiously this simple form of dis-empowerment had big impacts on humanity. My observations have led me to know for a fact that I do not want to worship the moon nor give it any of my power despite the trend to do so right now.

I do not judge those who choose to though, for I understand. I also used to rule my life in accordance with moon rituals every two weeks in time with the waxing and waning.


Serafina Christine is a writer and poet, priestess, and Kundalini Yoga teacher. She mentors young priestesses, gives amazing card readings, and shares her life and knowledge on Mystic Yogini. She has a forthcoming poetry book in 2018 on the love that brought her into union with her twin flame.


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