Growing My Heart Space, Where the Earth and Sky Merge.


I live in a realm between the earth and sky. My soul sees its higher purpose and trusts in the Infinite. The universal love and support that the Existence provides.

And my feet, they meet the ground. They trudge forward through the earthly obligations and realities of work. They pay rent. It feels frustrating at times.

Sometimes I look around and want to yell from my ego. Sometimes I do. Friends and family are familiar with my rant. The one where I question social constructs. The conditioned aspects of some humans that blindly follow the artificial rules imposed on them without question.

My favorite is the 7-day calendar week. Fake, I cry, totally fake! Somewhere along the line, some person or persons decided that was the way. And people follow. Out of that blind resignation, all sorts of guilt and shame paradigms are born. I can speak personally to this point for I fall into its trap frequently.

Self-imposed rules, like “I have to work out twice a week” can arise from this artificial construct and create a space for self-judgment.

On the other side of this construct is freedom! In my opinion, we naturally ebb and flow within an undefined course of time. There’s a bigger knowingness to what we need, and it’s actually our responsibility to tap into that higher truth. What nourishes us in each day and each moment is real.

There may be times when daily cardio is best for our heart space to grow. There may be times, or even seasons, when it’s best to seek refuge within our hearts and hibernate.

Being an earth empath, I find that some winters I mostly nestle within my cozy abode and hunker down. Just like animals, I find shorter days and dark skies to be an invitation for self-refuge and reflection. I used to feel guilty or shamed for not being more active at these times. Now I embrace it. Now I love who I am. I am love.

Before going farther down this path, I wish to acknowledge my humanness. Some of my viewpoints may seem ego-driven. I’m working on that too. Perspective. Part of my living between the earth and sky is tending to balance. Where spiritual beliefs and principles of patience, tolerance, and humility rest easy.

Each day I make affirmations with the Universe and co-create my day. Affirming desire to mature and accept all people, places, and things as being exactly perfect as designed by Creation. Leaning too far and decreeing the masses as conditioned automatons is not walking the spiritual talk. This is where the rubber hits the road.

I learned this lesson most powerfully in DC when I flew in for the Women’s March. Arriving the Thursday before, I was greeted by those attending the Inauguration. This didn’t align with my mission and completely sideswiped me. I grew defensive. Then an angel, whom Source placed on my path, reminded me that the Spiritual life is to be lived in practice, not just theory.

In that moment, my heart grew infinitely. More expansive than ever before. Everyone fit inside.

In that moment, I knew. Heart is the answer. The space where the earth and sky merge. Where universal truth exists. Where creativity and love are born. It feeds the earth body and nourishes the soul. Trust in its infinite wisdom and grace. It will guide you to your Soul’s highest purpose. To the best of places.


Megan Mulligan is a student of life, Source, creativity, and light. Her current path is to heal and share the journey with others. A yogi, Osho meditator, video producer, writer, and creator, she can see true essence in others and herself. Find more on her website.


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