Imagine a World. {poetry}


For a twenty-seven-year old, I’ve seen a lot, and what my eyes see in this wild world somehow always translates into an abstract flow of happenings, a sort of surreal painting with words.

It helps me understand the illogical yet profound adventure that is this life. This poem is meant to be read as a meditation, a journey, a visualization. It is meant to be interpreted in all the ways and none of the ways. It is meant to be an experience of the beautiful and strange mystery that surrounds us, centering mainly around what connects it all: love.


Imagine a world closer to life

Closer still to my breathing alive

A warrior’s cry

If I could inhale the sky

And regurgitate dreams

Exhale the moon repressed

And drape it over hollow eyes

Unleash the spilled milk

Allow contamination of another kind

To ruin and raze the sour lies

To delve in delight in the blackest stare

Avert the murmuring beware

And scream almighty an exhale so frightening

An echo deflected will sound

Aware! Aware! Aware!


And the temptation engulfs upon sensuous lure

Calculated images arouse the past

Raw, dreamy mechanics, a new mood is cast

Interlaced congruency, the panther yields its gaze

Between the rhythmic purr and seduction of its mate

In the damp lush of the rainforest maze

In the sweet lush of energy which subtly conveys

The furthest reach at which

The crown wisdom rounds its fate

Oh, the pornographic moonlight

On scandalous endeavor with the sun

At twilight, the fairies transform

Geometric shapes overlap

And vision squeezes dry the leaves

Of their psychedelic sap

Their hint is a global struggle

Reason condemned in corrosive meltdown

Auditory height reveal an argument of rights

Oh, this eternal yearning for balance

Fantasy dance or illusory trance

In meaning find nothing but a search for more meaning

In cognitive thought find segments streaming…


The wisdom of the shift speaks

A bridge of flat stones smoothed by eternal water

An overflow of overthinking, profits ever teeming

An everlasting cure found truly in abundant dreaming

It all remains vacant so that it may breathe

We understand, we accept which reality to believe

Which chaos to achieve

We contemplate, reflect, renouncing faith we grieve…

Believe! Believe!


Liberate your soul

A walk of confidence

The moaning ocean condenses time

Each moment eternal, honey-glazed

Ecstatic rhyme

Subsequent inferno

A blazing raze, a passionate sigh

Equilateral aims, invoking obtuse

Intangible games

Irresistible wanderlust

Infiltrating the fleshy plains

A painted shell, red mud and sandy grains

A bonsai border, cliffs dressed in ivy couture

And always in the background

That thick, juicy captivating purr

That sensual slurp that solitude encounters

With velvet palms pressing rock embedded curves…


I concur

I am the road I travel

The infinite breeze and crawling seas that unravel

I and He, Me and She, Her and Them, Her and We

Together we roam and build fulfilled, exploding, exotic

Ecstasy, heart-radiating, life-saturating, gold-trimmed,

Stargazing, ever-blazing, growing, changing, liberating,

Profoundly open, dreaming

Unity! Community! Love!


Sarah (Sequoia) Dobbin is a poet, writer, Ashtanga Yoga teacher, deep lover of Tantra and Magick, and an avid explorer of the inner worlds. Having spent many years traveling all around South America, she has studied Shamanism, Yoga, Bhakti, and become seasoned in the street smarts and simultaneous serenity required to surrender to the movement of the wind. Her passion for poetry and writing blossomed at the age of 10, and has always been her truest love. Her belief is that poetry can change the world and open up otherwise unattainable depths of intimacy. You could contact her via her website.


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