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8 Things a Mermaid CEO Does Differently.


In my spiritual work, I have been trying to figure out how to pull myself more into alignment with the archetypes I align myself with: the Lover goddess, and the Mermaid.

I’m an archetype kinda girl. Archetypes are like delicious energy blueprints, like different programs we can run through our bodies, and my life changes when I align with an archetype — it blossoms, transforms, ignites my imagination, and opens me up to possibilities and ways of experiencing the world I’d never thought of before.

The Mermaid archetype has been a huge part of my life, influencing me in so many ways with her determination, strength, fearless approval of herself, and shameless femininity, changing my attitude towards my body image, self-worth, and my ability to chase after my desires.

But in my work life?

I feel like I haven’t really let her in yet.

I’ve been afraid. Her way is so, so different from the patriarchal attitude to work I’ve been ingrained with, which demands…

… work harder…

… work is meant to be a struggle…

… work is meant to feel bad…

… work is meant to be hard…

… even when I know all those things are total nonsense. In my career as a self-employed professional weirdo (that’s totes how I describe myself these days!), I have physical evidence in cold hard cash that when I have fun, work less and do the things I enjoy, I literally make more money.

But the Dude-Bro patriarchal conditioning persists. It’s like I have been terrified to let the Mermaid archetype into this part of my life because… just how deeply would she change this? Can I even cope with this amount of change? She would jump in and change everything, and that’s very scary — nothing familiar or comfort-zoney at all.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can change this. How I can align. How I can sneakily shift into a more mermaidenly way of being.

I wanted to think… what would a Mermaid CEO do? How would a powerful mermaid run her business? What would she think, how would she act, how would she work?

1. A Mermaid CEO designs her life around her pleasures, not her emails, her iCalendar schedule, or even her clients. She makes sure she has time for that 11 am dip in the ocean, that Yoga class, that golden hour of doing nothing much in the lazy afternoon sunshine.

She has her priorities straight — enjoying life is the point here, not replying to the right people or making x amount per year or being busy to prove that she’s worth it. She already knows she is worthy — she has nothing to prove, ever. And she’s going to go swimming, dammit, and will never miss her hair appointment because emails ran late. Life is for living.

2. A Mermaid CEO’s work is powered by passion. You are never going to find a Mermaid CEO running a biz she is not 1000% passionate about. They are a Mermaid CEO because they can’t live their life without passion — without this thing that excites them so much they want to devote their working life to it, no matter how weird or unusual or niche.

They have got be hot for the work they do, or they will lose interest and spend their time doing anything else.

3. A Mermaid CEO is not overly bothered about money. Chasing paper is not what a mermaid is interested in — it’s just paper, after all. Making money is a fun game, but that’s all it is — a game. It’s not the center of their lives. They aren’t driven by the number of zeros in their bank account.

Mermaids crave experiences — falling in love, watching the sun set over the ocean, sipping pomegranate juice and reading a good book — and would much rather be doing those things than working their tails off to meet some dream profit margin.

Mermaids have a very different attitude towards money than humans do. Humans tend to have a messed-up relationship with money because they attribute so much meaning to it — if they have lots, they are successful and doing well (even if they are miserable), and if they don’t have much, then they are wrong and a failure and bad.

Humans often (consciously or unconsciously) see money as a direct reflection of their worth, and that’s complicated.

Mermaids don’t. They see money for what it is: a helpful tool to live a lovely life, but nothing more. Money is not linked to their worth in any way — they are a mermaid, and their very existence is awesome and amazing. When mermaids have money, they are happy… but when they don’t have it? They are happy too. Money isn’t everything, and they’ve still got a whole bunch of happiness tools in their kit…

4. … but a Mermaid CEO makes serious dolla dolla. The thing is, although she’s not all about the money, a Mermaid CEO tends to find it easy to make.

Why, you ask? Because she knows with every fiber in her being she deserves to make good money doing what she loves. She has no hangups about her worth or the worth of the work she does, and finds it easy to magnetically attract money and work to her because she has no resistance or aversion to making money.

Anyway, mermaids tend to be all about luxury and beauty — have you ever heard of a poverty-stricken mermaid? No. They are seriously magical feminine beings who draw luxury and decadence to them effortlessly.

And they trust that no matter what happens, the money is always somehow there for them somehow. Mermaid perks.

5. A Mermaid CEO is powered by desire. What motivates a mermaid? Stuff she wants.

But surely everyone is motivated by what they want?

Nope. Most humans are motivated by lack and fear — the fear of not being good enough, the fear of not having enough, the fear of failing, the fear of someone finding out their dirty secrets.

Mermaids are powered by where they want to go. Diving trips to Bali. Fine perfume. A house on the beach, with a hanging chair on the veranda. The creation of something beautiful. Nothing else will work on them — they have to be pulled forward by desire, or they won’t go anywhere.

Her business motivation might literally be that she wants to spend the last weekend every month exploring a city in Europe. It’s not long-term, it’s not an adult rational goal, but it’s what makes her excited.

I’ll let you in on a secret though — mermaids need a constant reminder of their desires everywhere they go to keep them on track, because being half-fish, they get distracted easily by the pleasures of everyday life and forget about their amazing dreams and goals.

6. Mermaid CEO’s work some serious magical mojo. Mermaids are intimately connected with the sea, the moon, and magic, and they use this to their advantage.

Every New Moon, they spend some time in the tub with a glass of something delicious, thinking of what project they would like to complete this month — something totally hot, something that gets them excited, something they feel irresistibly pulled towards. Mermaids are all about desire, after all.

When they know what that hot project is, they send their intention out to the world — but it doesn’t stop there.

As the month progresses, they always come back to their intention — they keep a shrine to their desires and projects on their desk, and fuel it with hot, passionate energy, they focus on the feeling of knowing their desires are coming true, they use the moon phases to change and charge their patterns and intentions.

A mermaid will tune into her intuition for business advice. She will check her tarot to help get clear about her next steps, and ask for cosmic help from the moon whenever she needs it.

And at the end of the month? She will log and celebrate all her successes with all her mermaid friends — everything that went well, everything she did so fabulously — because she is committed to noticing how excellent her life is.

7. Mermaid CEO’s trust their intuition implicitly. Mermaids are powered by moonlight, fascinated by the depths of the deep sea, and always curious about what is hidden. They are a pure archetype of the magical, mysterious Divine Feminine, and their intuition is one of their most precious and powerful gifts.

They are so committed to connecting to it and letting its superpowers shine in all areas of their life — their love life, their friendships, and especially their work.

It’s not the way the rest of the world works, and peeps working in the patriarchal mindset find it frustrating how a mermaid might change her mind, or make decisions based on her heart-feeling rather than what the numbers or smart rational business move might be.

Mermaids are always tuning into how they are feeling, and asking for guidance on what to do next. Got a dodgy feeling about a client? A mermaid would simply jump ship. They listen to their intuitive hits and inner guidance, even when it means throwing a carefully laid plan out the window — they trust that their own Inner Divine has a way better handle on their situation than their linear human mind.

8. A Mermaid CEO finds ways to make her work fun. Being a pleasure-seeking mermaid, far more interested in sunning herself on a rock than scheduling umpteen-million emails, she always asks her mermaid heart, “What is the most fun way to do this? What would be the most pleasurable?”

That means she will often go against common marketing-bro guidance — perhaps she’ll do a Facebook live series from her bathtub, or write her weekly newsletter like a salacious novella, or only take meetings at her favorite restaurant. Maybe she will only sit down and work when wearing a silk robe and high heels.

Maybe despite being in love with her work, she doesn’t want to work more than four hours a day on it, so she won’t.

She is always asking herself, “How can I enjoy life more? How can this be the sexiest, most thrilling thing I do today?”

The thing about a Mermaid CEO is that she is operating from this place of sovereignty, of infinite, unshakable centered knowing that she has nothing to prove, and that her work is a fun game.

That’s something I really want to play with.

I’m so ready to bring more turquoise-soaked, fun-loving mermaid energy into my life. Are you?


Demelza Hillier is a priestess, an artist, a dancer, a performer, and an ecstatic lover of peanut butter. She lives and breathes mermaid spirituality, and creates fabulous mermaid e-courses and freebies to help people unleash and play with their wild inner mermaid. In her world, bubble baths are an absolute necessity, fine lingerie is a mandate from Venus, and sexy trashy vampire TV is to be enjoyed indulgently. Additionally, she loves playing the ukulele, expensive breakfast cereal, all the animals, and… Gary Oldman as Dracula. Shh. You can learn more about her work and get more mermaid freebies at her website, pop on over and say Hi on Facebook, or join her online mermaid coven.


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