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Finding My Dharma: The Truth Is, Healing Helps Others.


“The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kind.” ~ Dalai Lama

We’ve all got a mission. Something unique that we were planted on earth to do. Our dharma, one of my Kundalini yoga teacher says, is our special work. Every piece of us specifically crafted to carry it out. Even our neuroses, my teacher says, will guide us in the direction of our dharma.

This is a newer notion to me. For many years of my life, I walked around asleep. In some ways, blindly following the path laid out before me. This isn’t to speak of myself in a negative tone. Hardly at all. It’s with love and compassion that I hold myself and my past.

Born in the Midwest, it was pretty usual to imagine my life being some variation of schooling, marriage and kids. For me, my path took different turns as I chose to study overseas in high school, went out of state for college, and found myself living on the West Coast once graduated.

Still, though, in the back of my mind I thought I’d marry pretty early in life and have kids. It wasn’t until my early 30s in therapy that I started to crack my own code. Piece by piece my ego identity began falling away with my wise therapists’ help.

Soon, I discovered the trajectory for my life wasn’t mine at all. It was the conditioned code of conduct I’d subconsciously integrated as my own. With that realization it was like the whole world opened up. I remember feeling at ease on my path as the burden was lifted. At the same time it was — and can be — scary.

On the flip side of that fear, I’ve found faith. Faith in myself and faith in a bigger picture. Forging and seeking my own destiny takes focus and a willingness to heal along the path. Discovering my cultural conditioning was one thing, but what lay beneath it were hundreds of layers of me. So many stories and experiences begging to be healed. And, because it’s part of my dharma to heal, I keep walking.

The path of healing is real. There are moments and days when I want to throw in the towel. The truth is, though, there’s no turning back for me. I choose to create awake.

The work is worth it. Every tear. Every bit of pain. For in healing lies moments of truth. Insights into Essence reveal themselves like undiscovered gold mines. The search and rescue bearing priceless gifts of self-love, friendliness, and serenity.

From the inner work, these boundless gifts spring forward and overflow. Much like flowers with bright and colorful buds, our self-work shines from the inside out. Raising your own vibrations helps lift those around you. Others can’t help but see your glow.

As we grow, we may well inspire others to help themselves. It is not a self-fulfilling prophecy, rather, a way to empower ourselves and others. Stepping into our Source-gifted strength and finding our inner gifts. This may be one of the best things we can do for ourselves and those around us.

In my case, writing is a part of my dharma. It’s a space for my soul to express itself. Dually, I hope it helps others on their own path to heal. In my own family, it has crafted a new bridge between us. Providing a platform for conversation and healing amongst us.

We may be products of our upbringing, but by healing, we can become products of our own destiny.


Megan Mulligan is a student of life, Source, creativity, and light. A Kundalini yogi, Osho meditator, video producer, writer, and creator, her intention is to bring peace into the world with words, energy, and goodness, and to raise the vibrations with the frequency of pure love. Find more on her website.


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