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See the Bigger Picture: It’s Time to Wake Up.


Sometimes, I am so blown away by the vastness of life — our complete and primary source for choosing to incarnate.

Yes, I said choose.

Each and every one of us comes from the body of a woman.

Each of us comes from the ovum of a woman who was born with all of her eggs intact, who in turn came from a mother who was born with all of her eggs intact, and so on and so forth.

And when we think about life in the broad sense like that, imagine all of the things that our bodies actually remember on a cellular level.

Think about the oppression of women throughout the decades and centuries.

Think about all of the judgments and shame and ridicule each woman has experienced in her lifetime.

We have been held down and mistrusted, and at times burnt at the stake, for simply expressing ourselves and working to heal our planet.

We have carried traumas that do not belong to us, but rather to society as a whole.

And each and every one of those traumas gets stored in our bodies and then carried down to the bodies of our offspring.

I speak to both genders here. This isn’t just about female bodies, but males too.

You also carry bits of these traumas, and you too are equally responsible for passing these traumas along.

So don’t you think its time to wake up? Don’t you think it’s time to start healing the pain?

To let go of those preconceived notions of what it means to be beautiful, or worthy of love?

You, we, are love parading around in human bodies.

We are here to do more than buy into mass consumerism and status.

We are here to uplift each other and assist Planet Earth in its ascension.

We are here to go on missions as souls, as light-bearers, and anchor in the light.

It is time to let go of the pain-body talk, the shit-talk, the judgment, the stories.

It’s time to take ownership for our choices, and it’s time to start seeing the pain in each other in order to offer more compassion and understanding on this planet full of people who seem to have forgotten who they truly are.

You, we, are expressions of the Universe.

All of us, regardless of the bodies we are in, carry traumas, and it’s time to release them.

Release the perception that there is something better than you, and recognize the unique beauty and expression that you bring into this world.

It is time to let go of the collective fear we all seem to be immersed in, and understand that liberation from those fears is essential to the freedom of all of humanity.

Your soul chose to be here now at this time, listening to this message, because it is ready for you to embrace your divinity — the only truth there is.


Natalie Sophia is a self-proclaimed writer, healer, yogini. Her mission in life is to heal and be healed. She loves to laugh, to feel and to write. She began her journey of awakening a few years ago, and though there are times she longs to go ‘back to sleep’, she knows she has work to do. Her work and her passion are one and the same, and she hopes to inspire others on their life path to attend to their deepest longings as a soul in a human body. Natalie feels that life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. She knows that pain can be inevitable, but there is always choice in the story created from that pain. Feel free to check out more from Natalie on her website and Facebook.


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