Learning from Past History: The Gift of Living Today.


My friend and I recently took a trip to San Francisco. While there, we spontaneously decided to visit the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park. The timing was perfect.

It was the last weekend exhibiting their Summer of Love installation. For a peace-loving hippie like me, it was all eye candy!

The place was packed on a Saturday afternoon. But we didn’t have to wait too long to spend time inside their epic exhibit illustrating the richness of the 60s. Tons of poster art, Grateful Dead relics, groovy outfits, and era photographs decorated the walls. It was amazing.

While reading the headlines from preserved newspapers, and war protest slogans, I was overwhelmed by a rush of relief. It was the world, I feel, reminding me that nothing is new. Time isn’t linear. And the spotlight our current President and events have shone on issues like gender, race, and equality reveals an ongoing evolution. We’re just surfing in more depth.

This itself is not new news, I realize. Most story lines seem to make a comeback when we’re ready to look at them again. I look at my own life experiences with personal work around traumas or past hurts, and see how they resurface over time on a schedule that’s definitely not mine. But when they resurge, it’s important to work with them again, from a new angle or energetic space perhaps.

The deeper the unveiling, the deeper the possibility to heal, I believe.

While the waves of realization washed over me in the exhibit, the wheels in my mind turned. My heartbeat accelerated in a positive light as I reveled in the awesomeness of present time. I really feel people are waking up, and it’s an honor to be alive today. To be a part of real change. To be part of a collective willingness to consciously look hate in the face and say, “Fuck you. We won’t take it.”

A lot of us participated in women’s marches as a testament to solidarity. Just like the Million Man march on DC in the 60s, we were called to take action. If you didn’t march, no problem. Did you feel the march? Did you energetically give back to your brothers and sisters? That’s something we can all do every single day.

Opportunity for action and change spans beyond women’s movements, of course. Racial and all-gender equality dovetail these important experiences.

I was reminded of this when my friend and I were ready to exit the museum. We went to the bathroom noting they’re now gender neutral. No more separate lines for men and women. I found it to be absolutely liberating! I can’t help but wonder why it took so long. But now that the change is here, let’s celebrate!

Since then, I’ve entered many non-gender-neutral bathrooms and, I have to admit, it hurts my heart to see males and females split direction. It feels like segregation. Which reminds me of another lesson: the importance of holding ghosts close, so history does not repeat itself.

Energy goes where directed, so I prefer to keep mine in line with positive movement. We are, I believe, heading toward more human awareness as deeper layers of societal pain are peeled back to heal. Furthering the work our brothers and sisters before us started. We are exactly where we are meant to be now. Living in a powerful time. I am honored.


Megan Mulligan is a student of life, Source, creativity, and light. A Kundalini yogi, Osho meditator, video producer, writer, and creator, her intention is to bring peace into the world with words, energy, and goodness, and to raise the vibrations with the frequency of pure love. Find more on her website.


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