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Reclaim Your Wild Body.


Our Dysfunctional Masculine culture has caused a rift between the mind and the body, placing the former squarely and securely above the latter.

This is especially true when it comes to female bodies.

Female bodies, we are led to believe, need to be carefully managed and controlled to keep their wildish nature in check. They can only be a certain size and shape. Hairless. Wrinkle-free. Perky. Plasticized. All natural bodily functions are strictly taboo, and typically met with an Eww, gross when spoken about openly.

The body’s desires, wants, and appetite are not to be trusted, but rather overcome by the almighty power of the intellect. The mind will learn from outside sources what the body is supposed to eat to feel healthy, or how the body is supposed to move to feel good, and then we discipline our bodies into submission.

To waver is weakness; willpower is king.

Let’s not even get started on the topic of sex. As a woman, you either want it too much (comes back to that whole need to control female desire and appetite) or too little. You compare yourself to some standard in your head that doesn’t exist in real life, measuring how many times you have sex in a week instead of trusting your own body’s response, turnon, and cyclical nature.

To believe that, perhaps, our wild bodies know instinctively what to eat or how to move or what a fulfilling sexual relationship feels like is a foreign concept in our mind-dominated world.

The need to control and manage the female body is directly related to man’s desire to control and manage nature. Both feel unknown, unpredictable, and chaotic to the rational mind. We seek to impose our will upon both, changing this or tinkering with that, not grasping that all of the pieces are interrelated. That there is a sweet symbiosis and balance to the ecosystem as a whole.

In the dysfunctional, black and white, either/or mode of thinking, you either carefully control the wildness or are controlled by it. Domination of the wild or destruction of self? These are your only two options; take your pick.

But, what if there was another way for us to be with both our female bodies and nature alike?

What if we slowed down the chatter in the mind, and listened to the ancient wisdom that wildness has to offer?

What if we allowed ourselves time to stop producing and doing for long enough to feel and to be? To sense what lies beneath the constant busyness?

What if instead of domination and discipline, we aimed for true relationship? Not placing humans above nature, or the mind above the body (thereby replicating the Dysfunctional Masculine hierarchy), but side by side. Interwoven. Honoring that all parts are simply different threads in the same tapestry.

As women, we are hungry to integrate the wild wisdom of the body, and the greater nature of which it is a part, into our modern lives.

We are tired of being exhausted. Numbed out. Unhappy and disgusted with our bodies. Trying constantly to morph them into a more acceptable shape. Slogging through workouts that bring us no joy. Afraid to honor our appetites and what our bodies desire. Contorting and crushing our cyclical nature so that it conforms to a linear culture.

We want our bodies back.

We want our wildness back.

Hairless and hairy. Curvy and angular. Thin and voluptuous. Soft and strong.

It doesn’t matter. We know that focusing on the exterior, on what our bodies look like, is a way to keep women small and self-conscious. Preoccupied. Stuck in outdated modes of judgment and comparison.

To reclaim our wild bodies, we climb back inside of them, to live and experience life through them. We re-inhabit our creative center; we gaze out from within.

And we no longer attempt to transcend our bodies or our wildness or our very lives in order to be holy and the righteous; we know in our bones that we are the Goddess embodied.

This is the reclamation.


Linda Katz is a writer, artist, Wild Feminine Life Coach and founder of Singing Bird Coaching. For the last several years, Linda has been on a journey of unearthing her own feminine soul, and now she helps guide others on their paths of becoming. By reclaiming the connection with your body, tapping into your true soul desires, and sharing your voice from a place of fullness, you will unleash your own Sovereign Feminine, your inner Queen. You can connect with Linda via her websiteFacebook, or Instagram.


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