Kundalini Activation: Divine Transmutation.


“Where Kundalini flows, transformation grows. Where trust resides, revolutions coincide. Accept the now. Honor the truth. Experience release. Grow into the new. Transmute the old. Own your power within. Acknowledge your journey. Let your magic begin.”

Recollecting the ordeal inside her emotional body, she honorably allowed a distant memory to surface.

She enabled herself to experience the entirety of the energetic vibrations associated with the past echo, riding the wave of its rippling attributes.

Accepting the now for what it was in that moment, she fearlessly dived in deep.

As she swam through empty thoughts and confused perceptions, her ability to feel love rapidly ceased. A dark cloud of vulnerability consumed her like a swarm of parasites. Agonizing sorrow spread across her from limb to limb. Her mind disengaged as sharp sensations cascaded down her spine.

She remembered this feeling. She recognized this state of being. This was anguish. This was remorse. This was an antagonizing, heartless black hole with an endless pit of insecurities and confusions. This was separation from joy married with heart, body and mind dysfunction.

Parts of herself wanted to hide from the momental experience, masking her identity within it. Parts of herself felt to connect deeply with her ego dressing her truth up in shadows and fears, allowing herself to play victim in the experience.

Parts of herself froze into depression as her mind purged out scenes of distaste and disvalue.

She was braver than her mind’s reaction. She remained humble and knowing to the experience, and sat observing her existence in each passing moment of her now that she was manifesting. She knew that she was the creator of the story unraveling before her eyes. She consciously opened herself up wider to the healing energies beaming all around her and from all within her.

She watched her self lovingly. She felt into her self honestly. She released old fragments of her self forgivingly. She welcomed new beliefs and truths gracefully.

Hot tears streamed down her features as her wounds of shame and neglect bled and bled. She felt her body as its crevices oozed disappointments, concerns and past humiliations. As she wept, toxic energetic waste flowed from her soul. With each sob and tear, streams of grief trickled out beneath her traumas.

“I love you, baby,” her Divine Masculine soothed with a loving reassurance. “I love you, baby,” she whispered back through her tears of surrender. She lay beside her powerful King, who held space for her so perfectly in that moment. She found her way into his arms. Her head came to rest upon his mighty chest. She listened to his heart singing a rhythmic beat, and breathed in and out love.

She looked into his universal eyes and saw all of him. All the love he had for her, and all the love she had for him. She affirmed all the love they had for each other. Such a powerfully aligned sacred union. As she looked deeply into his eyes, she saw the reflection of herself beaming back at her.

Her heart smiled immensely as she listened to his words, “I love you for eternity, my Queen, and I will honor you always in all ways. It is my deepest joy to serve you and to share love with you.”

As his fingers sensually drew shapes over her golden skin, the old, past stories of broken intimacy and feelings of withdrawal quickly dissolved. She opened her heart and sexuality, allowing her divinity to take back its rightful place. Her sensual femininity oozed from her body, her scent cocooning  both herself and her flame.

Vibrant kundalini energy flowed through her from the tips of her toes up to the crown of her head. As her breathing increased, so did the rhythm of his electrically tantric touch.

As he filled her temple, juices of innocence and love flowed through her sacral chakra and rose up to her heart. With every penetration of his golden sword, the once dull, cold ache within her quickly formed into a fiery ignition of swirling ecstasy.

Through making love with her King, through all that was divine, she transmuted her fears into truths. She alchemized her tears of trauma and cries of agony into tears of happiness and cries of ecstasy. Love gave birth to purity as screaming shadows around her were quickly silenced and evaporated.

Her spirit merged with his. They were one heart, one body, one mind, one spirit.

The crown upon her head that had began to rust over started to gleam brightly. Every single one of her precious jewels shimmered, displaying a glistening array of all of her individually beautiful attributes.

Her wings grew, and feather by feather, they shifted her higher and higher.

She embodied the Goddess and claimed back her sensuality. She embodied the Priestess and received her right to ownership and power. She embodied nature and trusted herself, inviting in hope after completion of another cycle. She embodied Christ and became all. Her heart exploded with joy as she envisioned herself and her twin seated comfortably in God’s loving hands.

She lay by her King’s side, hand in hand, heart in heart.

Her body melted into her lovers. It was okay to be vulnerable. It was okay to experience a past memory, as she knew each experience aided a deeper healing, a more profound discovery within herself. It was okay to surrender to sadness, to recollect pieces of despair and watch them play out slide by slide. It was okay to let go. It was okay to be herself. By being herself, she experienced greater love.

She listened to all of her body’s questioning, needs and desires, and gave them her full acknowledgment. In doing so, she gained so much more.

A deeper understanding. Heightened self-awareness. Courage. She affirmed that she was all. All thoughts. All feelings. All reactions. All actions. She stepped into all truth. All trust. All surrender. All glory. All power.

Laying to rest the ordeal inside her emotional body, she honorably allowed a distant memory to dissolve.

She held the entirety of the energetic vibrations associated with the past echo, and gently blew its rippling attributes out into the ether.

Accepting the now for what it was in that moment, she courageously leapt forward.

As she sailed through clear thoughts and honest perceptions, her ability to feel love rapidly grew. A fluffy cloud of peace carried her deeper into her self-awareness. Overwhelming joy spread across her from limb to limb. As her mind connected with her body and heart, Kundalini flow cascaded up and down her spine.

This is what it felt like to be alive. This is what it felt like to be herself. A Queen. A Goddess. A reflection of God in all perfection. She was home.


Zoe Michael is a passionate Reiki Healer, practicing since 2015, who also enjoys offering additional services which include Intuitive Energy Massage, Sound Healing and Soul Journey card readings. Zoe has a wide array of skills with experience and professional work within Retail Management, Theater In Education, Acting, Student Workshop Facilitating and Teaching. As a passionate people-worker and lover of all things creative, Zoe has decided to continue on her soul path of supporting others through their spiritual awakening. She is currently in the process of writing a book which will share some of her most intimate and transformative life experiences. Through her book, she aims to empower the lives of others by teaching self-acceptance, forgiveness and self-love. Zoe wishes to continue her poetic journey, and aims to inspire and support people on their path of self-discovery and enlightenment.


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