Wake up to Your Unique Call for Reinvention.


The world… oh, the world! Every day you hear the laments, the rage, the frustration and the fear.

You hear the fear so very often, you might actually begin to believe that it is the only song playing on the universal radio right now. The fear-song is a monotone, a drone, an insidious tune that is hard to stop humming. Whether or not you tune in on purpose to the daily concert of fear, like a mosquito who managed to get in despite the screens at the window, it can keep buzzing annoyingly in your right ear.

There are many antidotes to fear, and the one that I am finding most compelling these days is reinvention. The dictionary shares a beautiful definition: the action or process through which something is changed so much that it appears to be entirely new. Reinvention is more than simply an antidote to fear, it is a response to lassitude, to procrastination, to the whiny, bitchy, inner critic.

It can be a way to revive a part of yourself that you thought was buried, calcified, a part of yourself that once felt too scary to even consider growing.

Reinvention can be navigated in baby steps for sure, but you know when a big leap is called for. You know, after you look around externally and then choose to peer way down deep inside, that there is some part of you that wants out.

You know because when you decide to dive under the top layers that look lovely, and you then stop for a moment to actually feel what is really calling for your attention, there rises a deep recognition that something has been abandoned.

There are reasons that you felt due to which this dream, this vision, this crazy idea was shelved by you, good reasons even. You had a baby, went to graduate school, you started a successful business, you had to pay off that student loan, your days got so busy and the dream began to feel unrealistic, immature, a part of you best kept on the shelf brought down only as a hobby or even forgotten completely.

There are other reasons that may have compelled you to abandon this essence of you. Someone you loved and trusted may have told you that it wasn’t safe to bring that part out, that it was best if you followed their way.

It may have felt that their love was conditional, that coloring inside the lines was a requirement of their approval even though you were by nature an abstract expressionist, a guerrilla graffiti artist, a freestyle barefoot dancer. You bridled the wild, you caged the winged, you pushed the lid closed on that beautiful box, so pretty to look at, and shelved it. Better that way.

Is it better? Might be. Only you know, you are the captain of this ship that is you. You decide what goes in the hold and what gets tossed overboard, you know what you consider precious cargo. You are the navigator and the navigational device, the compass that will, when in good working order, guide you over rough seas to your own true north.

You may want to take some steps towards reinvention by first paying close and tender and generous attention to your own true feelings. Starting with what is really underneath all the have to, must, should, need to, can’t, and deciding to take a moment to just feel, just feel you right here.

When you decide to slow down all the urgency, when you choose to turn down the fear-song and tune into that distant and beautiful hum that has been on mute for a while, you may find that you have a new incitement to revive that abandoned place.

Why is this important right now? I can only share why I feel that it is important. The answer to my why is because you were born with sparks inside of you, sparks that are there to create flames, and the flames are to ignite the blazing and beautiful you who is a contribution to the health and healing that is so longed for on this planet we all call home.

You waking up to your unique call for reinvention, and then deciding to rub the sleep out of your eyes and begin to courageously take the steps towards an all-out resuscitation of your abandoned vision, creates a ripple of goodness that may touch people you will never meet. Being real is the reason, because it feels good, not because it’s easy.

When you give yourself permission to feel really good, you become medicine, and all of the good medicine is called for right now. Bring it!


Magdalena Curtis is a catalyst and a cultivator of the deep wisdom of women’s radical embodiment. As a woman committed to all women’s authentic voices, she finds massive joy in supporting women of all ages toward unleashing their own version of imperfect perfection. Wordsmith and poet, Magdalena graduated from Mills College in Oakland with a degree in Liberal Arts/Poetry, thus effectively rendering her unemployable. As she prefers being her own ‘boss’, this has worked to her advantage. Magdalena is a writer who once built a cob house, dancer, singer/songwriter, spoken and written word poet, Kundalini Yoga teacher, mother to a fierce and brilliant 25-year-old daughter, and is trained in massage, reiki, clinical hypnotherapy, Ayurvedic medicine, and Western herbalism. She is a recent transplant to Brooklyn, N.Y. and is in love the way only a convert can be. She is devoted to assisting women in diving deep and excavating their gems using her Radical Embodiment Catalyst Coaching. You could contact her via her websiteInstagram or Facebook.


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