Thank you, Donald Trump: If I Want to Protest for Basic Human Rights, I Will.


I never realized how much I did not know, until you became #45. I hadn’t the slightest clue that I was being completely naïve, failing to live up to my full potential.

Mr. Trump, because of you, I am clear on where I stand in this world, in this country, and in my own life. I have never felt such certainty, such awareness of who I am. It took a long time for me to get here, but all has been made abundantly clear. By your example, I am proud to be able to say with courage and conviction…

…that the rules no longer apply to me either.

This has been a miraculous “come to Jesus” moment! To be liberated from dogma that has held me back for far too long; to decolonize my mind while developing my own personal authority; to no longer adhere to a code of ethics and regulations forced upon me and my people, courtesy of white supremacy; to speak my truth to power without censorship; so for example, I can refer to you as a racist, a bigot, a white nationalist, not my president, etc., with no remorse.

Is this what nirvana feels like? Or maybe ascension? I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter — I am wide “woke.”

Even in my activism, I have never felt so free to rebel. It’s like the best sex you will ever have — unbridled and uninhibited.

I can be a freak for justice. Just as you have instigated hateful rhetoric in this country, I feel inspired to match it by instigating revolutionary ideas and tactics. Calling out politicians and people who abuse their power, calling out the police, organizing ways to disrupt and dismantle systems that discriminate, encouraging others — the country at large — to shut shit down (i.e., end racism); all of this has been mind-blowing and eye-opening. I learned it by watching you.

Then there is the added value of righteous humanity that has evolved in me too; I am even more adamant about people’s liberties! Basic rights are not complicated. We each inherit them simply by reincarnating on Mother Earth. And so, if I want to protest for basic human rights, I will. If I want to donate money and supplies to my fellow Americans in Puerto Rico, I will. If I want to conjure my ancestors for protection during the revolution (and a possible hex on you), I will. If I want to experience prosperity in this country, I will. If I want to call you a dodo-head, I will. If I want to tell you what I will do, I will.

Imagine that, a black woman telling a white man what she will do.

I can live for me, unapologetically, knowing that my purpose, success, and abundance are tied to all beings — Muslim, Black, LGBTQ, Palestinian, White, Indigenous, Young, Elder, Latinx, Immigrant, Refugee, Asian, Mobility-Challenged, Female, Male, Gender-Fluid, everybody.

My ability to thrive is dependent upon an active resistance to anything that oppresses, whether that be my own limiting beliefs, or a misogynistic Commander-In-Chief.

I hold myself as much accountable to living an authentic life steeped in kindness and respect for others, as you live your life steeped in corruptive and narcissistic behavior. Such accountability is what instills an impenetrable confidence that I will prevail — that we will prevail — and at the hands of your demise.

So, I will continue to take my cue from you; you have taught me so much more about freedom in such a short amount of time! And if I dare say so myself, it seems that this apprentice is outsmarting you. Not because I have grown business savvy, nor because I have a ton of money. But because I no longer live in fear, which makes my very existence an act of rebellion. These life lessons are more valuable than any luxury hotel and resort that could ever be purchased. Really, Donald, thank you.


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Tracey Rogers
Tracey L. Rogers is an astrologer, life coach, activist, world traveler, lover of love and seeker of depth. She is also a Leo with a Virgo Ascendant, for those of you just dying to know. Her interests include music, spiritual topics and readings, as well as living room dance parties when she’s alone in her apartment. Meanwhile, Tracey is currently on the biggest quest of her life, which involves recognizing her inner light and letting it shine for the world. When she is not writing horoscopes or drinking cappuccinos, she is usually hanging out with her badass friends or at her local café. To find out more about Tracey and her work, you can visit her website; you can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
Tracey Rogers
Tracey Rogers