Autumn Fall. {poetry}


I don’t believe that people stop believing in love, despite disappointments, for a variety of reasons. Putting love on hold, however, is something I did. With purpose.

After several long-term relationships ended, I decided that perhaps my timing was off or I had unrealistic expectations. Or that living alone, not sharing my life, was just easier. So I stopped looking. Then in 2016, this country went crazy and nominated a lunatic to run for POTUS. I was fired up on Facebook. Had a lot to say. And said it a lot.

One very new, intriguing voice began to comment on my posts. We began a political dialogue that segued into a more personal nature, then on to private messages, video chats, long, deep conversations. For a year. Long-distance. New York/Seattle. One year after we friended each other, we met and spent 10 completely amazingly wonderful days together. This is the sweetest love I have ever experienced.

We had October on our calendars for a long time, and Relocation is on my list of new titles.


Our October

We waited an eternity to share its elegance

Brought together through a random connection

Because there was a climate change of the world

Like the seasons

No control

But a desperate cry to make sense of

How humanity fell from grace

I was falling

You caught me

The greatest fall of all

Two children of the decade

That created powerful passion

A road map to living

Quest for humanity

Journey for justice

I didn’t know you then

But I knew you existed

Then a haphazard, unplanned bond

Words, solutions, ideas, hopes, dreams

Anger, disbelief

An honest exchange of feelings

That grew intimate, familiar

Safe and sure

You were falling

I caught you

The greatest fall of all

Three thousand miles between

A desire to meet

That blossomed and grew to peaks

That lifted us, inspired us

We were both falling

Now I don’t want to know of

Hearing the daily dreadful news

Or reading something that you would love to hear

Without you

I don’t want to know of

Perfect days.

When you could be holding my hand

And I am in the safety of your arms,

I only want to know that

Our October

Allowed us to fall

In love

The greatest fall of all.


Smitten by the lyrics and poetry of the sixties, especially Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Debi Cooper holds a great love and purpose for expressing herself through words. She is inspired by love, beauty, compassion, exhilarating new adventures and ideas, people who make a significant difference in the world, and the beauty of the Left Coast. Like many poets, artists, musicians, Debi is moved by everyday experiences: becoming a mother, seeing the world through the eyes of tiny humans, embracing their discoveries and development as they segue into the world with fierce independence. Recently, her passion has been focused on the political climate in our country. During daily disbelief and often fear, she looks for the beauty that surrounds her, contributing to significant change, humanity the people who sustain and encourage her and love that transcends the darkest days. Whether struggling with a challenging childhood, participating in a life-changing protest, falling in or out of love, sharing matters. In words, song, art. Being open to the kaleidoscope of living — in all hues and possibilities — is the genesis of Debi’s artistic expression.


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