Nature’s Hymn.


Oftentimes, when I am feeling confused, tormented or alone, I’ll wander out into the woods that surround our small mountain town.

Sometimes, a leisurely trail walk and rest next to one of my beloved creeks is plenty — rejuvenating my sense of being and purpose.

So many thoughts, ideas, potentials and fears, swept away by Her sonnet.

Giving in, I allow Her to caress my bare feet, while treading lightly over Her blanket of microcosmic life.

Every step offers a new sensation, steering me back into a state of presence.

Painful, deliberate, slow and delicate.

Peaceful, serene, quiet — Nature’s whispers.

My breath and heartbeat seem louder than the silence infiltrating my surroundings.

There’s no artificial distractions or zombies walking around out here.

Brethren pass by, carried by Her winds, in Her currents and over Her earth — hungering to live.

Never quite fulfilled, yet always temporarily satiated by Her offerings.

Each bird, butterfly and deer welcomes me into their exquisite homes.

Remaining still for long periods of time, wandering impressions, dreams and wishes dance wistfully in this deafeningly silent oasis.

A mosaic of natural beauty, expressed as life — in all forms.

Retreating into myself, I can feel Her entrance; every cell of my body hums with joy, thanking me for visiting here — to this place in time again.

Recognizing the complex nature of life and this intrepid environment.

Hospitable, kind, yet treacherously decisive, our Mother leaves nothing unattended — a synchronous dance of energy passing through every embodiment.

Caring, nurturing and breathing life into all things, She is ever-watchful and present.

Her bosom is our sustenance.

We are but Her children, and She is always just.

Our Father may smile upon us warmly, but He too must retreat for a while each day so She may rest under Her own blanket of stars, Her sister moon at watch and grandparent Cosmos spinning Her cocoon.

We are but visitors here, for a time.

Time may seem trivial or inconsequential, but time is Her offering to us — our life-force and story.

Sacrificing time from my busy lifestyle and material deeds, I lend my ear to Her and listen, patiently intent.

When She’s ready to share something exquisite, I always know.

My pulse quickens, every cell awakening, and a subtle glow radiates around me.

Whether it’s a squirrel chattering its slight contempt as I pass by, or a black bear feasting beneath the wild apple orchard, completely aware of my visitation, yet consumed by Her lavish, fermented fruit, I am nonetheless welcomed as one of them.

One of Her own — we are all but a diverse, wild family with untamed hearts and a thirst for Her blood.

Standing barefoot in Her icy vein, the numbing stream stinging my sore pads, I lose myself.

Identity and consciousness merge.

Collapsing into Her, giving into Her wonder and mystery.

The awe and majesty of Her blessings.

So fortunate are we, to have such a plentiful web from which we can all share our fruits and labors.

Even God smiles upon us, when we treat His/Her own Daughter with supreme divinity.

Praying and meditating with eyes shut, my heart whispers and She always answers.

Resonating with me, pulsating throughout my body.

One heartbeat.

Whatever it was troubling me is now gone.

She heals me, shelters and feeds me, nurturing and teaching me something new, something valuable.

Never will I forget how soft Her embrace is and forgiving in nature.

Although we both know that what I’m nearly convinced I am, She’ll surely prove otherwise, when asked to sacrifice myself to Her so that our children’s inheritance, Her offspring, can have this Earth to walk upon someday too.

Eternal life — I’m marveled by the incomprehensible, yet fleeting visions of ecstasy penetrating my consciousness.

This body will be returned to Her.

A mind, flowing ceaselessly, and a heart, ravaged and scarred, will be put to rest, eternally.

New life will emerge in some new form, and what I was will never be again.

However, a part of my essence will give, suckle and nourish the next wave of sentient life — to play, dance and sing Nature’s ballads here for a while.

Our time is now.

Her gift is our gift.

Cherish Her and all will be rewarded — never too much or too little.

Revere Her and know that your glory is in the moments of waking life.


ThayneUlschmidThayne Ulschmid is having a love affair with the material and spiritual planes. He’s constantly seeking growth through the awareness and expansion of mind, body and Spirit. Passionate about the conservation of energy, his goal is to help solve some of our 21st century challenges through creative, spiritual and entrepreneurial pursuits. If you’d like to connect with Thayne or to see more of his work, visit him on Facebook or Instagram.


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