New York Midnight. {poetry}


Long-distance relationships are filled with unique challenges. Angst. Frustration. A really deep understanding of how to navigate the birth of a new relationship.

There is a level of trust that surpasses the day-to-day, in-person togetherness. An abundance of patience, when it feels as though the distance is going to kill you. We are a world of people reaching out far beyond our comfort zones, our time zones. Don’t let it prevent you from taking the leap. Build in all the real time that you can. And dare to believe that love, as always, will prevail. Hold. On.


Is your reality
Time to end another day
Of discoveries and anticipation
Fueled by our quest to catch up
On way too many years to make
That option practical
Although it won’t stop us
From the pursuit
I know about the day that brought you to this moment of falling,
Drifting, choosing to be still and letting the grit wash away

It is my dream
My fantasy
Calming my wild anticipation
My gentle desires
That it is my midnight too
Still wide-awake time for this Seattle girl
Who needs to be celebrating
Every midnight with you

Wanting you to be my forever
New York man
With wisdom that is rich with new dimensions
A heart so gentle, kind, and generous
It takes my breath far away

Thinking about your tomorrow
And wanting it to be the very best of
Everything that you are
That you need
That you want
Longing to be your partner in the next day’s experience
Easing the pain, loneliness and anxiety
That simmers in places we have just begun to explore
Releasing my demons
In a way that only you can absorb
Because you’ve looked deep into
My darkest yesterdays
Another conversation ending
Before I know that in the morning
You will experience endurance, peace, and strength
An easy mind, a beautiful day

3,000 lonely miles
But my midnight too
Waiting to
Hold on to your words, smiles and
The incredulous possibility
That you get me

Vividly seeing us sharing that miraculous time
Intertwined, one with you
Intoxicated by your touch
Soothed by your breath
Speaking to me
With your words, your body
Holding you
As you sleep, studying every shadow that crosses your face
Waking up to a day that we will fashion to fit us
Creating the moments
That will be perfect
And filled with the promise
Of another night
This time and all time going forward
No barrier time zones
My midnight too
My amazing midnight man
Hold on
We are almost there
One midnight, one bed
Endless possibilities of building a life
On another coast

Let’s never exhaust ourselves again
With email,
Video chat, text or FB messages
Those vehicles that transported us
To this time and place
When there were no other options
The sensation of touch was absent
But enough to ignite the fire in
My mind, heart, and soul
And finally, the most spectacular
Moment of all
My midnight too.


Smitten by the lyrics and poetry of the sixties, especially Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Debi Cooper holds a great love and purpose for expressing herself through words. She is inspired by love, beauty, compassion, exhilarating new adventures and ideas, people who make a significant difference in the world, and the beauty of the Left Coast. Like many poets, artists, musicians, Debi is moved by everyday experiences: becoming a mother, seeing the world through the eyes of tiny humans, embracing their discoveries and development as they segue into the world with fierce independence. Recently, her passion has been focused on the political climate in our country. During daily disbelief and often fear, she looks for the beauty that surrounds her, contributing to significant change, humanity the people who sustain and encourage her and love that transcends the darkest days. Whether struggling with a challenging childhood, participating in a life-changing protest, falling in or out of love, sharing matters. In words, song, art. Being open to the kaleidoscope of living — in all hues and possibilities — is the genesis of Debi’s artistic expression.


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