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I Am the Forbearing Entity of Deep Erotic Love.


I am my own sexual goddess. Without hesitation, now I search and explore myself for those hidden pathways to pleasure.

I am learning to trust myself more than I was taught, more than the social normalcy that I unknowingly agreed upon. I allowed the social constructs of our time to hold me back for close to half a century. I have seen my compass for creation, and it lies in my heart and in my loins.

I am born as myself now, within this lifetime. I am learning more everyday about my needs, my power, and my magic. My intuition is guiding me all the more as I am continuing to beckon with my love and attention to take over my system. I am finding that I knew the way all along. It was covered, but is out of hiding now, out from under the shame that once blanketed me.

I dance. I feel my spiraling life force become me once again. My rising Shakti opens me up to even more rising. From my resurrected self, I see I am in control, and have been this entire life. With each rising, I remember more. I travel through more rooms of truth in the underworld. My essence remembers the battle at the temple where I accepted defeat.

I pick myself up now and return towards wholeness, piece by piece. It is beyond essential work to come here often. Thus the importance of ensuring my boundaries in this current life form for time and privacy for myself to explore these deep and abandoned plains within me.

Indwelling is the secret to life expansion. I take that expansion and expand my ecstasy into places I didn’t know existed. I open new parts of myself into awareness, and through this opening I open parts of the world that have not been seen in quite the same way before. Through feeling myself more alive, I am sharing these new, or remembered, ways I have seen and experienced.

I use my power to heal by being more intimate with the world around me now, one truth-telling at a time. I do this by making it a regular practice to be more intimate with myself. I spend time everyday in erotic pleasure, self-sex sessions, drawing my romance remembered. My passion for life, I am reclaiming.

I have come to know that this is a most important act for women, and is unfortunately still often bypassed and seen as unimportant by the masses of society. This is why I tell of my truths. The more of us who tell, the more fire of life can be unleashed unto the great healing.

The great healing starts with a woman’s erotic pleasure remembered, practiced, and honored. Without this, there is no mother. Without mother, we cannot survive.

With my mother sense restored, truth becomes unbroken and is lived. This truth will not hide. It will expand. It will live on in the dark and in the light as the endless river, as the elixir, as the life force that she is. The more I do this, the more I expand my truth. I remade some pathways, and have been shown new pathways by the spirit that enters me. I see farther down these paths with my inner fire, lit and roaring.

The more I do this, the less effort it takes to see and show my truth. From there I heal, from my heart, from the whole system, from Mother Earth, Pachamama and the sky coming through me. It is all life coming through me and out to others. The allowing comes from the opening which comes from me truly accepting myself as I am.

I am the forbearing entity of this aliveness, this deep erotic love that switches on the power and lights up in me and out into the world.


Leahanne Woods Smith was raised in Mooresville, NC, where she still lives. She has been a caretaker for the elderly for 16 years. She is a mom of two beautiful sons. She is a thriver in life by way of increasing her life force energy through exercise and unconditional self-love. She puts life into the world with her writings and just by being herself in the world as much as possible.


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