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Let Us Stop Ignoring the Needs of Mother Earth.


Women, we must take our power back. It is no longer a choice.

It is absolutely necessary for the survival of our species, and for the survival of our beloved Mother Earth.

Most of us do not have to look very far before we see the direness of Earth as it is now. We are still recovering from the massive hurricanes of this past season, as well as fires in the West. Global warming is real, and Mother Earth is quickly dying because of our neglect and misuse. If you need proof, google ‘state of planet earth’ and you will find it.

Our ignorance of the state of the Mother is a metaphor of our ignorance of our own bodies, hearts, souls.

This Western culture is one of action, manifestation, production, and consumerism. It applauds being on the go every minute of every hour of every day. There is no time for rest and slowing down, feeling one’s feelings, or nurturing one’s body.

These essentials are not celebrated by the culture as a whole, nor even seen as necessary, until of course, illness or injury take hold. Then one must rest and get well, but what about before it’s too late?

In traditional Eastern cultures, Yin (the feminine energy) is celebrated just as equally as the Yang (masculine energy). They are two sides of the same coin. Both are necessary. One cannot have one without the other. While Yang is the sun and light and fire, Yin is the moon and dark and water. While Yang is activity, Yin is rest. While Yang is Heaven, Yin is Earth. One cannot exist without the other.

The same holds true in our human culture, and in our individual human bodies. In each of us, and in our unique expressions, resides both feminine and masculine energy.

When we are constantly on the go, constantly stressed, and never rested and calm, eventually our bodies give out and become ill or injured. Eventually, our bodies demand that we rest. How about if we listened to our bodies on a more regular basis? How about if we listened to and felt what our bodies told us they needed, and abided by it, thereby preventing disease or injury, instead of succumbing to them?

How about if we listened to the wisdom of Mother Earth and took care of her as she takes care of us, instead of raping and pillaging her resources without a second thought?

We have built our Western culture thus far in the dominance of the masculine, of action, of light, of the sun. We have had so many technological advances, and life is much more comfortable today for many of us than it was 100 years ago. However, we have also grown ourselves a bucket full of problems that only grows larger with each passing day.

If the feminine does not rise up, we will be doomed. We cannot survive much longer. Look at where we are today. If we continue to ignore our individual bodies, we will continue to succumb to illness and injury. If we continue to ignore the needs of Mother Earth, she will not survive much longer.

Our survival, and the survival of all species on this planet, depends on the rising up of the Feminine in both men and women. It depends on our embracing both the light and the dark. It depends on our embracing the need for rest in equal proportion to the need for activity.

It depends on our loving and accepting ourselves, and all our lives, including the state of our planet, as we are, whole and broken, both at the same time.

I personally am glad the #MeToo movement has gained so much ground and so many are speaking up about abuses they have suffered.

The truth is, if you are a woman living on this planet, at this time or any time in the last 2000 years, you have suffered either physical, emotional, or mental abuse —  or more than likely, all three — just because you inhabit a woman’s body. You have thereby felt the accompanying shame that comes with it. This pushing down of the Feminine is ingrained in our culture.

Now that light is being shone on this fact, it will continue to be blown wide open. Women will not tolerate this kind of treatment any longer. We will mourn the abuses we have suffered, no longer in the shadows, but out for the world to see. Then, we will stand up in all of our power, not to allow this to occur any longer, to ourselves, or any others.

We will lock arms and rise up to begin restoring our wholeness as individuals, as a species, as a planet.

If this is to work, however, we will need men to be there. Yin and Yang are two sides of the same coin, remember? We are all in this together.

Women, we have spent literally centuries supporting men — emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. We have hidden in the dark, remaining the backbones of the household, in both love and chagrin, while they shone in the light of the modern world. Now, it is time that we are supported by them.

We must all embrace our feminine and masculine sides, in our wholeness, and take back our humanity, our connection to nature, and the natural world. Our survival literally depends on it.

This is a monumental task, but we, as a species, are up for it. I pray that we are.


RuchiJain02Ruchi Jain is a creative soul, who enjoys dancing, pastel work, painting and writing. She teaches Soul Motion and Yoga, and is a counselor and pharmacist. She walks the line between the Eastern and Western worlds of medicine, and hopes one day the two will be used together in harmony. You can find her on her website or on Facebook.


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