Give Form to Truth: The Dark Night Journey of Saturn in Capricorn.


“What if this is not the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness of the womb?” ~ Valerie Kaur

The Winter Solstice will be unlike any other. Preparation for the long dark night will continue as tradition foretells, but this dark night comes with added weight.

You are most likely feeling it already, as the rules of law and land in our society are turned upside down, wreaking havoc both nationally in the U.S., and internally. Life as we know it will continue to change, this I can say with certainty. Astrological omens present a clear picture. Even if you are not a professional astrologer, you can still feel it. The rumbling is real, you are not imagining things.

The long dark night is upon us. Only time will tell how, when, and if we resurface.

Saturn in classical mythology was the god of time; his counterpart was Kronos. In astrology, Saturn describes where we must devote time to overcome challenges and difficulties. In fact, Saturn’s placement in our astrological birth charts determines the obstacles, limitations, and insecurities that must be mastered in this lifetime. Constant and timely effort is necessary when learning such Karmic lessons.

Saturn is also known as the Lord of Karma, with those debts to be paid over time.

After a long 2½ year transit of Saturn through the sign of Sagittarius the Archer, Saturn entered a new constellation on December 19th — the constellation of Capricorn the Mountain Goat. This great cosmic shift occurred just a couple of days after the Sagittarius New Moon, and a couple of days before Winter Solstice, when the Sun enters Capricorn too.

In line with the current omens of our time, this transit will be one of persistence and ambition. We will be challenged to climb several mountains, as the physical embodiment of Capricorn suggests. Some mountains will be small, others will be monumental, and our due diligence along the way will be required nonetheless.

Sagittarius is the sign of truth in astrology. It insists on experiential learning to develop its own ethical code, morals, philosophies, and spiritual practices. The Archer aims to target what is, while seeing the big picture — our higher beliefs and purpose.

Over these past 2½ years, we have come to learn some hard truths, leading us to question our ethical codes, morals, philosophies, and spiritual practices. Not only has this played out in our personal lives, but on the national scene as well. A whole host of difficult realities were realized when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

Capricorn, meanwhile, is the disciplinarian of the Zodiac. This Earth sign knows how to do the work, stay focused, and be measured. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn in astrology; its energy supplements. This will be a homecoming for the ringed planet, as the next 2½ years invite us to erect structures around what is true, or to dismantle structures that block truth with equal determination.

This will not be easy. Any resistance that erupts in the process must be sternly addressed. Such resistance could manifest as a doubling down in our efforts to disrupt patriarchal norms (Capricorn is the sign of status quo, after all), or it could manifest as the powers in place doubling down on their efforts to rule and control.

The same holds true in our own personal lives; internal systems that oppress and perpetuate lies or limiting beliefs must also be torn down and stripped away. If we are not living our truth in accordance with what was revealed while Saturn transited Sagittarius, we will be challenged to commit to giving form to our truth, as if our very existence depended on it.

And it does.

As a Life Coach, I believe that the toughest decision we will ever make, that which requires hard work, commitment, and dedication, is the decision to invest in ourselves. Saturn in Capricorn will demand that we create space for a new set of rules that reflect who we are as individuals, who we are as a country, and who we are as spiritual beings, even if it means hardship. And of course, this will take time.

But truth is always revealed in time, and truth sets us free. Sagittarius knows this. Capricorn enforces it.

Saturn will have ended its transit of Sagittarius with a parting gift in the form of a New Moon — a moon that sat next to Saturn in the sky. If there ever was a time to make a wish and manifest a dream, it would be now during Winter Solstice. Why not use the longest night of the year to get clear about your intentions as we enter new terrain? It is never too late to give form to truth, and the darkness that approaches will see to it that we go deep to bring forth the courage needed for change and reform.

After the Solstice, the days will grow long again, lighting a new revolutionary path as we embark on our journey. Saturn rewards hard work and concerted effort.

Time is of the essence.


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Tracey Rogers
Tracey L. Rogers is an astrologer, life coach, activist, world traveler, lover of love and seeker of depth. She is also a Leo with a Virgo Ascendant, for those of you just dying to know. Her interests include music, spiritual topics and readings, as well as living room dance parties when she’s alone in her apartment. Meanwhile, Tracey is currently on the biggest quest of her life, which involves recognizing her inner light and letting it shine for the world. When she is not writing horoscopes or drinking cappuccinos, she is usually hanging out with her badass friends or at her local café. To find out more about Tracey and her work, you can visit her website; you can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
Tracey Rogers
Tracey Rogers