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Entrepreneurship and the Ever Present Power Struggle of Paving the Way.

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Cheers to entrepreneurship! I used to be so excited about being independent, and now I’ve come around and re-questioned the whole thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the least in favor of full-time employment in some cubicle, but when it comes to values, the workplace has become a dread!

I’m what you would call your general Jill of all trades.

Mainly an artistic being who is proficient at writing, editing, translating, but mostly good at any task that requires storytelling, intuition, and most important of all, heart. I also know how to dub cartoons, am a trained voice-over artist and Meisner-trained actress. With a three-year background in guest services, I’m also a freelance babysitter, Kleenex-holder, and intuitive life-transition assistant.

I’ve walked so many paths, it’s hard to reduce my experience to something other than the road less traveled, and sometimes, yes, I fall for the trap and start following suggestions.

So here I am, trying to pave the way of the road less traveled, but commonly traveled when it comes to struggles, and some days I think, “Wow! My life revolves around freaking work, and I just want to be free.” Imagine having that revelation when you are, in fact, a workaholic! That means I genuinely love work (that is when I am, in fact, working), what drowns me is this constant race of looking for and finding work.

Shit, it’s like all of my creative nature has to be wasted on endlessly looking for creative solutions to approach the workplace so it works and serves humanity like it once did, where everyone in the community was deeply appreciated and revered for their gifts.

Above all, it comforts me to know that as humans, we have a body, and the last resource would be selling one’s body for cash, but really? Do we have to go there just because we seek emancipation?

Looking back on these past few months of working for less than what I should be making, because we are trading each other’s time and expertise, it feels like I am already a pro, a professional prostitute, yes, trading my soul and values for cash, shitty cash, that gives the illusion of progress, and when shit gets real bad, I just do it for free ’cause Fuck it, right?

People need my assistance and Source will repay another way. Yes, I think I’ve lost my way, and that’s okay. This is why this article was born, to clear my head in the first place.

So here’s what truly bothers me, and why working nowadays has become more heartbreaking than empowering:

I see a lack of leadership in general.

Most individuals are operating under common law, but never really revisiting their own belief systems, thereby make shitty decisions. They are sluggish, lazy, inattentive, and sometimes just plain rude, because they are the ones that are going to pay you, so that makes them entitled to treat you as they please, right?

I notice a pattern with excuses too: Oh, we couldn’t make it on time, we couldn’t get the location ready, there was rain, and there was traffic. If you are in a leadership position, this is simply unacceptable! You are representing something higher than yourself (company) and you need to step it up or go back to working like a pawn with a superior.

I see a lack of delicacy.

In the workplace, it’s common now to be inconsiderate, pay late, override boundaries, and push the service people so they end up in a lose-win situation. How is this accomplished? Just like rats with cheese, the bait is the money. Unclear communication, last-minute pressures, breaking important contract points, have all become a great excuse to exploit the one providing a service.

And because it’s a service, and not a sale, now it’s called an independent contractor position, where you get paid whenever they please, despite having completed the job. Yeah, the power of now only applies to clients and their urgencies. Go tell another service person who lives from day-to-day earnings, like your hairdresser, that you’ll pay them in a month and start finding a way to cut your own hair!

But because creatives are supposed to always be creative and full of ideas, they somehow don’t need to buy groceries and pay bills, because they can just manifest food per thought, right?

I see a lack of connection.

Yes, just because we work together doesn’t mean we are friends, but it’s like we have forgotten how to treat each other like people. It’s more like, I’m your boss and you are my servant, and a boss without humility is but a tyrant! Demanding as fuck, come what may, calling at 2 am to make changes, disrespecting rest days, and treating you badly for not being able to efficiently read their minds.

Altogether, it’s a power dynamic that reiterates that the powerful people are the ones with their wallets stuffed regardless of what they care to offer. This obviously makes working with anyone a big risk that narrows down to: I wonder how badly I will get fucked over this time.

Having said that, the time comes when one has to prioritize, and winds up taking the long way there, sacrificing things, because ultimately, if you or I take a shitty paycheck, it’s because I can’t afford not to, and rely on divine timing to get me out of the rut. Wow! Now what does that tell you about how fucked up the world is right now?


Laura Piquero is the Queen of Duality. A communicator of duality with an emphasis on self-healing and self-transformation, through the process of awakening and honoring our deepest emotions (both light and shadow aspects). Heavily encouraging the process of rebirth through self-destruction and self-construction, and defying — through consciously bold narrative — society, thought patterns, core wounds and beliefs. Kali, Pelé, the tides, the hurricanes, volcanoes, thunder, they all teach us the same thing.


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