My Open Letter to Oprah.


Dear Oprah,

Thank you! Thank you for being one who continues to walk with grace in times of change and uncertainty. Thank you for calling us forward to the possibility of empowerment and equality for all.

I honor your strength of heart, for I don’t imagine becoming Oprah has been easy. I don’t imagine that you never doubted yourself or swallowed your truth, at least momentarily.

I honor your vulnerability and transparency, both of which have made each one of us feel incredibly close to you as you have taken us on your journey of self-discovery and soul-empowerment.

We trust you! We thank you!

While many are talking about your possible presidential run in 2020 (which I am in full support of), I wonder if we can also talk about how we got here. Can we talk about the deep self-hatred and shame that runs through so many men and women?

Can we talk about the profound rejection of the basic self that is the foundational programming of so many of our religious and political systems?

You see, Oprah, I grew up in Iran, and while today I live with many of the privileges of living in America, this hasn’t always been my experience.

Each time I sit and pull the thread of oppression and misogyny, I find myself in the same place.

The place where men and women are shamed for being sexual beings. I am talking about God systems telling men and women on every continent that our inherent lust for life and our call to aliveness (I believe this is our call to Sacred Union) is wrong and should be tucked away into the shadows.

Except, as we know now, nothing tucked away into the shadows disappears, instead it becomes a poison rotting the whole structure from our insides out.

I am also talking about the Sacred Feminine being left out of so many religious systems, leaving us feeling like motherless children, scrounging for scraps of love and acceptance.

What is the expectation of little boys and girls who grew up being taught that sexual desire must be controlled, that it is not sacred and holy, instead wrong, destructive, and evil? When I speak of sexual desire, I am addressing the very impulse of life and creation.

Do we really expect a different turnout? Do we expect boys to become men who honor women and see us as equals? If all they are taught is centered around a male God or a woman who was made from the rib of a man?

Do we really expect little girls to grow up to be empowered women who don’t trade on their sexuality and desirability, and women who speak the hard truth, if they have never met the feminine face of God?

If we each give what we have and we never experience the unconditional love of the feminine face of God to match the father God, how do we navigate the hard moments? How do we treat one another with equality and compassion when there is no equality in God?

I too believe, as you do, Oprah, that God is all. All, as in every shade, every color, every frequency, all that we would name good or bad, and certainly both male and female.

But for the sake of the collective healing that is present now, can we please talk about the feminine face of God?

You embody her so fiercely, Oprah — her love, her devotion to truth, and her unbound generosity, to name a few.

I wonder, if God was Goddess to more little girls growing up and to more young and not so young women finding their voice, how much time could be saved “trying to muster up the courage” to speak our truth.

I stand for soul-empowered loving humans who know the infinite love of the Divine. I stand for the sacredness of desire and the sacred union that is only available when the desire is brought out of the shadows, the sacred union that is only available in equality.

In love eternal,

Yours truly,



Born during the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Anahita Joon Tehrani is a modern-day priestess, healer, and medicine woman. Anahita’s work is the culmination of over 20 years of intensive study with mystic masters and shamans, social research, as well as over 10 years of her own teaching and facilitation. As a Feminine Leadership and Empowerment coach, Anahita activates the sacred leadership of  women who are ready to awaken and unleash the force of nature within. Anahita is a credentialed coach and spiritual counselor, and creator of ‘The Beautiful Self’ and ‘Embodied Essence’.


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