A Love Letter to the Strangers Whom I Know. {poetry}


This is for the ones who have raced with their thoughts and wrestled with their minds
For the ones who know peace lies within but have been through madness
For the ones who’ve wished to escape their heads and rescue their bodies

This is for the ones whose thoughts are their biggest fear and greatest blessing
For the ones who have run their fingers through them but also been caught

For the ones who are learning to be their own masters
For the ones not giving in to the voice that threatens, and when they do, daring to try again
For the ones who don’t speak enough about it for the fear that no one would understand

For the ones who wish they didn’t know the stingy, itchy, breathless feeling, but they do
For the ones who’ve only recently discovered that life is to be lived and not survived
For the ones who’ve tried to waltz with their demons

This is for the ones who’ve seen life undressed of its rapture, the naked days
and kept going to find better ways
For the ones whose neurons tried to get them but they did not give in to science

For the ones who know their parents screwed up but didn’t mean to
For the ones who no longer wish to carry mistakes which are not their own
For the ones learning that the place where you end, and the other begins, is a boundary worth drawing
For the ones learning that saying No does not mean you are a bad person

This is for the ones who have fairy tales floating through their veins and stardust in their eyes
For the ones who lose and find their meaning like clouds orchestrated by the wind
For the ones  who have fear in their heads, but not in their hearts

This is for the ones who touched perfection, but are now walking back
For the ones who forgot who they were, but are now learning to listen
The ones who wear their wish for approval as scars on their body

For the ones who don’t feel normal, not because it’s cool
For the ones who are ready to change, not because a new year has come
For the ones who’d rather stay silent than engage in small talk
For the ones pained by the superficial, and responsible to love

This is for the ones who’ve idealized a man or two, and crave to find the one who’s true
For the ones who embody a sea of hollowness and a galaxy of stars
For the ones whose strength comes slowly, but it’s homemade

This is for the ones who know a day will come when their thoughts will roll free on a grassy green glade
For the ones who know this day is coming sometime soon
For the ones who dream to inspire and inspire to dream
For the ones who will wake up to find the sunlight beam

The soul-searchers, the love-warriors, the pain-inviters, the truth-seekers, the skinny fighters,
The fearful brave-hearts, the determined free-floaters, the change-hopers, the stuck-in-betweeners,
The undecided believers, the lonely rebels.

You are not alone.
Keep walking, we are going home.


Nora Popova is a recent Psychology graduate from the University of Warwick. She is passionate about writing and restoring love in all the places where the world sees it missing. She believes that the best place to start is within oneself. Nora aims to inspire and share insights about life, love and the self with the world at her personal blog.


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