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Attract into Your Life More of What You Really Want.


Taking initiative as a woman is challenging.

We have to be willing to put our needs first, to trust our desires and ability to attain them. We have to allow our inner boldness to trump the vulnerability that comes with making a statement, taking a stand, initiating a discussion. We have to dis-identify from the fear of what others think and how they may or may not respond.

I’ve had more and more women coming to me expressing their struggles when it comes to sex, sensuality, confidence and full expression. They are scared to make the first move, to tell their partner or date what they want, to act on their partners’ desires, to be the bold, beautiful, sensual being that lives within. They could come off wrong, they could be rejected, it would be too good to be true.

I get it. The more I continue the conversation towards women’s empowerment and sexuality, the more my fears get activated. The upper limits that keep us stuck in our comfort zone, that allow for constant mediocrity, come crashing in, inhibiting true evolution, freezing the flower ready to bloom.

We become so afraid of failure, of not being enough, of being judged, that we give into the fear and do just that. We fail ourselves, we give into a limiting potential, and we invite in judgment. We freeze, get blocked, hold ourselves in low or no regard. We become truly terrified of being the sexy, confident and fully expressed woman that we came here to be.

Well, fuck that.

The secret to a fulfilled life? Uninhibited true expression! An unveiling and releasing of all the false selves. It actually takes so much more effort to be in constant repression of our true nature.

Whenever I release a false self like the one that says it’s so scary to talk about sexuality, that this doesn’t need to go there, the initial fear is the hardest part, putting this message out there is the hardest part, but the relief after? Invaluable. The freedom and power I feel? Can’t be measured.

The fear that kept me hostage before saying I shouldn’t post a picture that’s too sexy? That was way worse, that was dragging me down. So fuck that.

Time to unapologetically keep putting myself out there for the sake of helping the liberation of others. That’s my why, the uninhibited life is my mission, so I better be walking it. So as I shed his fear, I am able to claim that I love sexuality, I love that we are creatures of desire, that pleasure is a useful and spiritual tool. I love that I am so drawn to it, and as result, will enable women to reclaim their own sexuality.

Your ability to express yourself directly correlates to your overall life satisfaction. The more You that is allowed, the more you attract into your life that which aligns with what you really want and what you are here to do. Stop dimming your light. There is power in your pleasure! There is power in taking initiative, in boldness, in pure unfiltered expression.

So I encourage you to experiment, try something new. You know what these confinements feel like, so for the hell of it, let’s see what else is possible.

Answer the following questions, then act it out.

What part of you are you not expressing, what desire have you refused to go after?

What fears are keeping you hostage?

What is truer than these fears?

If you knew how to be bold, if you were confident in who you really are, what would you do differently?

If you were adept in fully expressing yourself, how would you dress, talk, and be in relationship with self and with others?

Nature favors the bold, nature favors expansion, go make the move and ride the momentum to a new way of being.


Kathryn Lorraine is a Women’s Transformational Life Coach, Yoga and meditation instructor, and higher self expert. She has a gift for seeing the true essence and gifts within her clients. Her enthusiastic and welcoming demeanor encourages her clients to clearly hear their inner wisdom and unearth their dormant feminine powers. She guides them to surpass the fears and shame that keep them stuck and overwhelmed, and inspires them to trust in their higher self, take skillful action, and live a life uninhibited. Her style weaves together esoteric and modern teachings, intuition and somatic experiencing. She has trained with powerful teachers all over the world, studying in depth the various forms of meditation and Yoga, yogic/tantric philosophy, leadership development, psychology, and alternative healing therapies. Her purpose is to awaken and explore the power of the Divine Feminine. You could contact her via her websiteInstagramFacebook or email. Sign up for her Group Coaching Program ‘Discovery & Embodiment’, starting January 23rd. To find out more about her retreat in Panama, check out Awaken The Divine Feminine.


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