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Discovering Your Soul Purpose: One Empath’s Childhood Journey.


As women, we’re often raised to put ourselves second.

Look at your lineage. For generations past, females have minimized their presence for the well-being of their offspring.

If you’re lucky, like me, you have powerful female influence in your life. My grandma earned a Masters degree and was a practicing social worker. My mom rose the ranks of an IT company in the 80s, while raising three girls. She broke glass ceilings.

My family raised me to believe that I can do anything I put my mind to, professionally and academically. And while I swam within this energy field for years and years to come, always positioning my career as some end-goal, something told me there was more. There was more to my soul purpose than academic and professional success.

There was a healer inside of me. A woman so attuned to the energies of others that, by tapping into my own, I could raise the vibrations and assist folks to heal their fields. I did this for decades unconsciously. Making an unspoken agreement with my inner child that it was my job to take on the pain of others and to help them heal.

Like so many women before me, I was putting my well-being aside in the spirit of healing others.

It’s not surprising that a person born an empath would make this agreement with themselves. The agreement to take on the suffering of others. For anyone born with this spiritual space, it would be natural to gravitate toward helping, because there’s no shortage of spaces that need it.

Every society has its fair share of pain and suffering. Often by virtue of societal cues and the DNA passed down by generations of folks conditioned to believe that life’s just a burden to bear. Pains may exist via specific family circumstances too. Neglect, abuse, and abandonment are just a few of the common traumas many experience.

The thing is, though, those traumatic energies don’t just go away. They subsist within the family’s lineage, continuing to feed off unprocessed pain. If the family doesn’t do their healing work, then the energies are active within their fields. The path to healing, in my experience, is by feeling. We can’t just ignore our lots.

But because so many folks choose not to heal or don’t know how, as empathic children we then feel the unprocessed traumas. And of course, because we’re empathic, we want to heal it. Because we know we can. Especially for those we love the most: our families.

This desire to help arises out of a pure motive and intention. However, it can backfire for a time too. If you began taking toxic energy at a young age, you may inaccurately believe it is your own. Thus similar blocks could arise for you, standing between you and your soul’s truth.

If this is your experience, take solace! In healing and awareness, you will discover the difference between what’s yours and what’s not yours. This is another gateway to awakening. In other words, once you identify the energies you began absorbing in early life, perhaps right out of the shoot, you can then process what’s really yours and separate yourself from the rest.

This healing, and unearthing, presents the most beautiful gift. It clears away the pathway to your pure soul, to who you really are. Not the person you were raised to be, but the one inside of your heart. For the heart tells no lies. It is a goddess of truth whispering the sweet words of service, well-being, and love for everyone, but most important of all, love for yourself.

I won’t lie, the path for me hasn’t been easy. I’ve sworn off it at times. But in the center of the all the work lies a diamond. Shining with crystal clarity and a brightness that’s almost too beautiful to bear. This is your true essence, your fountain, a pure wellspring of truth and beauty. It’s yours to claim. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

So, please, keep learning your boundaries, empaths. Keep your chin up. Continue sorting what’s yours and what’s not yours while chipping away toward your diamond. And know, all the while, you are being guided, loved, and adored.


Megan Mulligan is a student of life, Source, creativity, and light. A Kundalini yogi, Osho meditator, video producer, writer, and creator, her intention is to bring peace into the world with words, energy, and goodness, and to raise the vibrations with the frequency of pure love. Find more on her website.


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