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I Want You to Know: A Love Letter From the Threshold of Change.


The inner flame of individual human potential, even the smallest flicker of the last ember, can be revived and illuminated.

The transformation from the fragmented self you are now, to the awakening of the Wholeness you are destined to become.

I, the Threshold of Change, stand between who you are and who you want to become. I stand here to embody the courage it will take to go after a life in which you feel alive.

I ask you to dig deep before beginning this transformation.

I ask you to put aside the self-doubt, the uncertainty, and the existential anxiety. I ask you to listen for the answer you know to be true in the depths of your soul, the quiet voice within.

I encourage you to create a space for it to speak.

This voice whispers what it knows to be true of your heart’s deepest longings.

I ask you to wake up to these longings and manifest the reality that lies embedded in the sparks of excitement in your soul, even if you’re terrified.

The world needs you to do this. The world needs your light, your expression of love.

The physical manifestation of your consciousness can send a wave of ignition, throughout the lives of those you know and those you haven’t even met yet.

So, before I ask you to kindle your heart’s deepest longings and pass through me, I must admit a paradoxical truth.

These longings, that we are destined to follow, are often counter-intuitive to what we’ve been taught to be true about the patterns of material reality.

Before you pass through me and begin to dance with your wholeness, I ask you to sit still.

I ask you to sit with the pain, the heartache, and the despair of the unanswered call. This will be the fuel you use to actualize the potential of your own inner fire.

This is why I write to you.

I want to let you know that it’ll be easier to stay put, to follow the path of least resistance into the fragmented known.

I want to let you know that you will be asked to surrender. It will be painful. It will challenge everything you thought you knew. And I want you to know what you’re getting yourself into.

You will be asked to surrender to your belief in the life you thought you were supposed to live, the person society deemed you were supposed to be, and the mold you were supposed to fit.

You will be asked to surrender to the unknown and the fear that comes with it.

You will be asked to choose the life that is calling out to you, and decide for yourself that the pain it will take to change far outweighs a life where your heart no longer speaks to you.

You will be asked to accept that pain with a deep knowing that you must let go of your expectations of the way your life was supposed to be to create a space for the unfolding of your own brightest light, your own highest potential.

You will be asked to let go, not because you’re weak, but because the only way out is through.

You will learn, as you move away from this fragmented version of who you were told you had to be, that wholeness is waiting on the other side, waiting to dance with you.

And you will want to dance because you will feel alive in ways you never dreamed possible.

But first, you must surrender to the tapping of your foot that builds into the rhythm of the life you are destined for.

I write to you because I want you to know I’m on your team as you begin to make the intuitive decisions it will take for you to answer the call.

I ask you to sit still to show your humility for the strength that the dance of your inner fire will require. The grace it will take to live a life that is true to your heart’s deepest longings.

You’ll know you’re ready to stand when the pain of the fragmented person you are now outweighs the pain it will take to change and become whole.

I write to you because everyone you know wants this transformation for you, even if they don’t know how to articulate it. They want to see your flame dance out of the darkness that once restrained your light.

It’s true that I stand between the fragmented version you are now and the whole version you are destined to become. It’s true that I stand between the words whispered from your heart and the actions you take.

But, I write this letter to reveal my deepest truth: you created me.

When the words whispered from your heart’s deepest longings align with the actions you take, you’ll find that I, the seemingly impermeable barrier, will disappear. Smiling and cheering you on as I dissolve into the new reality you’ve consciously created.

Even though I’ll be gone, I still hope you choose to dance with your wholeness.

Your wholeness is the light, the flame, and the expression of love that the world needs.


Caitlin Climes is rooted in a wild wonder of the world she finds herself immersed in. This past fall, she spent time traveling throughout Thailand and Bali to explore new ways of being. She has experience as a public speaker, co-founder of an environmental organization, outdoor spiritual guide, and a leader of camping and adventure trips around the world. Caitlin has always been interested in exploring the human condition, and now seeks to understand how writing can be used to spark and cultivate the subtle state of awareness that connects our experiences. She feels the interconnectedness of all life, and aims to manifest her awe through the written word.


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