Embodying Sovereignty: Cultivating a Conscious Relationship with Your Soul.


Embodying your sovereignty is embracing a conscious relationship with your soul.

Your soul is the essence of who you are, the vital life force expressed at this point in time as you. Sovereignty is an embodied nobility, a relaxing into the essence of your own energy and resting there. It is to be fully in conscious relationship with yourself, with your soul… with all of you.

Are there aspects of you that are left untouched and unattended to? Are there aspects of you that feel difficult to make time for, perhaps hoping that over time they will just go away? Are there emotions you would rather not deal with? Are there aspects of yourself you are afraid of? Even the immensity of your own light? Does it seem like taking time to feel wastes time?

These are all pockets of energy taking up precious real estate where your sovereignty would like to bring honoring, love, and freedom. Many of us seek to have conscious relationships with others, and fail to offer this kind of loving attention to ourselves, making space to sit in the noble throne of our own hearts to feel, and commune with what our emotional body wants us to know.

Your emotional body will bring you into divine communion with your own soul. Sovereignty is the earth of your body married to the dynamic life force energy that courses blood through your veins. It’s the sexual energy rushing in to marry your heart and join to crown you with the source of self-love, understanding and safety in your own skin you have been deeply craving to find in this world.

It’s all right there. Right here. Right now. You are emotional by nature, you are fluid energy.

I’ve been emotional my entire life and over time. With conditioning, I’ve shut it down thinking that my nobility resided outside of the primary experience I had engaging with my life. That’s what emotions are, your experiences engaging with life.

I felt so shut down by others because we are trained to fear emotions, and there aren’t a lot of soft landing places where we learn how to be held and loved there, to feel curious and compassionate.

We are trained to fear our emotions, our essential, fluid, divine nature. The energy the cosmos communicates with us through the earth of our body. We are trained to fear the essence of ourselves. And as we grow up, we experience a deep neglect from the outside world to our inner workings, these fluid motions of energy that course through us at various times.

We don’t know what to do, how to contain it. So we make interpretations of, and assign meanings to, this energy and about ourselves.

This is the soul-wound out of which you can rise to embody your sovereignty.

This soul-wound becomes a space that is cast away through addictions, seeking others to love us, chronic fixating on self or others, etc. Pushing away, ignoring, punishing, suppressing, oppressing vital aspects of our humanity disconnects us from the Source, the energy of life.

It is in healing this relationship with your essential nature, learning to turn and face what you have been taught to fear, that you discover a wellspring of love and wisdom. It is through learning how to pour love into the parts of you that have never received it that you encounter your soul and heal your relationship with life. You develop a conscious relationship with your soul, and come to embody your sovereignty.

It was in healing my relationship with Source and coming into conscious relationship with my own emotional life that much of my power and wisdom has been truly unlocked. It’s in this conscious relationship that ever unfolds that I learn how to wield my relationship with myself which nourishes me when life isn’t available for that.

Funny thing though, life shows up more when I am more available for it. It’s kind of the secret sauce to self-love. When you learn how to embrace, honor, and love the parts of you that feel your emotional body, you begin to embody self-love in a way that no one can take away. You no longer feel available for emotional crumbs or toxic smoke and mirrors in relating. Freedom is waiting.


Dr. Nandi Hetenyi is a shamanic healer, grief midwife, writer, teacher and soul-whisperer. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from CIIS in addition to spending over 15 years studying and practicing Buddhism, Yoga, meditation, shamanic journey, ritual, energy healing and personal growth. She envisions a world where we feel comfortable in our own skins and are happy about being a human. A world where everyone loves and values themselves as a part of the whole, where self-loathing is an oddity rather than the usual, and the soul’s truth is valued as a gift from the Divine in service of our highest good. Shedding light on the truth of the soul’s story liberates the sacred within to feel comfortable in your own skin. You can follow Dr. Hetenyi on Instagram and find out more about her work on her website.


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