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Detach From What You Have Been Told: Reattach to Your Complete Self.


When we are feeling low and in desperation, we tend to grab on to, and drink up, anything to ease our pain.

In this mental and/or physical state, a quick fix is often attached to a fad-of-the-moment in a spiritual context. Because we are down, our power feels diminished, so looking elsewhere seems logical. But many of these spiritual ideas are incomplete and taken out of their true context, cut to fit, and then stuffed into our aching situation. We add a pinch of this, a dab of that, and sprinkle it with unreal expectation.

The problem with so much of the information we seek is: when we haven’t done our work, our research, and try to make the practice something other than what feels right to our heart, nothing will happen. Instant gratification seldom works, and if it does, it is temporary. Besides, in the deepest place in our core, we already knew this, but at this point, we have already gone down the rabbit hole that leaves us depleted.

Along comes bitterness, and the disbelief sets in.

This is why it is so important to shed tears, take off the armor, and find our way via intuition. Our gut instinct is a beautiful resource that was gifted to us, so hear it and heed it. Trust. Trust that solid core connection is the universal thread to life, and holds more information than any book, seminar, guru or retreat.

We are brought in by the umbilical — the cord of life — and even when the cord is cut, it is always with us; it sustains a universal parallel, brilliant, strong and united.

But nothing is coming to us until we invite it in — inside out — this is key. Waiting for divinity to hold our hand is futile. We can’t sit back and expect good things to just happen; we were born to make them happen. We make our luck, our fortune, and our path, no matter how good or bad life is. We make our life complete by viewing our circumstances and how we respond to the view, period.

When this is understood, the rest just falls into place.

Detach from what you have been told; reattach yourself to yourself. If you believe we are one, then this concept begins to unfold as inner responsibility. And responsibility isn’t a New Age concept or a spiritual concept, it is simple logic.

Denial and blame reduce our capabilities to heal, and we get weak as twisted things enter the mind, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Even though we will always have some sort of problems, when we accept the things that are beyond our control, we can find a bit of relief, and with relief, it is easier to cope with our world.

So when life is sh*t, and it can be, call on your inner knowing. Trust what feels right, and don’t be afraid to listen. It takes a bit of courage and self-love, but we all have the same ability. No one is more special, more gifted, or has more understanding about you than you. This is the only way to get beyond outer toxicity. Cast your spell, drink your magic potion — the sweet elixir of accountability.

Believe it, feel it, live your life large.


Debbie Lynn is a mother, grandmother, artist, writer, dancer, yogi, seeker of the soul, rock climber, rock collector, and has been known to run with scissors. She realized at a very young age that the outer reality was a far cry from her inner truth, and meeting her inner wisdom head on always turned into a challenge. The wonderment, curiosity and hypocrisy of life led to exploration and a cumulative documentation (art and journaling) of what she lovingly calls ‘the purge’. It is her way of ridding any negative energy from the daily grind. She says, “In essence, it is a way to start fresh and cleanse the soul.” Debbie has had numerous articles published in Elephant Journal, The Edge Magazine, Sail Magazine, Cruising Outpost, and is now a featured columnist at The Tattooed Buddha . Her daily posts can be found on Facebook.


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