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On Our Imperative to Turn Inward.


With all this madness out there swirling around and within us, it is our imperative to turn inward. It’s our directive, our most important task.

Each and every one of us must take a deep, honest look at ourselves to assess how we interact with the world around us.

There is no us vs. them, no division between us, besides the lines we draw in the sands we’ve agreed upon. The truth is that direct experience matters most. How we interact with those around us ripples more deeply into those lives than all of the policy changes combined.

When we know that our neighbors have our backs, that allies of all shapes, genders, colors, and sizes surround us in our daily lives, that’s when we can truly thrive. But the news we need to break to you is that the only path forward is on the inside.

Imagine a world in which you can smile at someone, anyone, in the grocery store without it being misconstrued. Where you can tell someone they’re making you feel uncomfortable and they respond calmly and redirect their attention elsewhere. A world where you can strike up a socio-political conversation without fear of misinformed babble backlash.

Imagine a world in which each of us was in touch with our own truth, and therefore flexible to the truths of others.

Kindness is magic. Self-love is magic. Awareness is real change.

When we do reach out, it is with an honest effort to support those who are different from ourselves. Self-segregating based on a comfortable and deep-seated fear further engrains our separation. We’re preaching to the choir in our daily lives, all of the stories have been told and all of the opinions conformed to. It’s time to widen our horizons.

So I say to you that you must turn in, and then I urge you to go out. But not out on social media, Twitter will continue to churn without you. Go out into your community and shine with the light that only someone who turns inward can ignite. Go out and fight for the causes that you believe in, with the regenerative passion of someone who nurtures themself first.

So you say you don’t have work to do? Well, let me tell you, that is the epitome of white-male privilege, yes, even if you’re not white or a male. Each of us, no matter how woke, can and must do better. We can always do more to get to know ourselves and, in turn, the world around us.

Miracles are child’s play when we take time each day to sit with ourselves. Those massages you can’t afford will be less necessary when you can sooth your own body aches by calming your mind. With an obedient mind, say goodbye to communication gone awry, to mixed signals, to sleepless nights. Meditation isn’t the cure-all magic pill, but it sure is a saunter in that direction.

So I say, turn inward, turn inward.

If those who we regard as they took time each day to reflect on their actions, let’s just say that the world would be a much better place. So let’s do one better, and start with ourselves first. A better you, a better community, a better world, all by the simple act of turning inward.


Anastasia Ross-McKirnan is a born poet, writer, and lyricist. A citizen of the world, she currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Published as a pre-teen, and often encouraged in her writing, she is a seedling primed to burst forth. The focus of her literary arts of late has been in the auditory realm. Anastasia recently released a full length, self-produced EP under the moniker ‘Stanzi’. Stanzi is rooted in poetry and adopts a nostalgic jazz-like quality coupled with futuristic lo-fi grit. You could hear this and other spoken word pieces on Stanzi’s Soundcloud, or connect with her via Instagram


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