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The Raven and Me: Keep Sending Your Love Letters to the Unknown. {poetry}

{Photo credit: Elif Dur}


“This earthly world was designed to make you focus strongly on the target and keep forgetting the moments of the path along the way. I don’t know why. but it was designed that way. It is a curse from the gods and the goddesses of the reason, I believe. So here I am, sent to the earth as a messenger to remind those who are in a delicate search, tempted by a cosmic homesickness, of the taste of the path, if you wish to journey with me into the depth of this mystery land,” said the raven.

“Open the ears of your heart and listen to me carefully now:

Begin with longing for yourself
that very longing will dig the treasure out of you
’cause you are within you!

Find the things that rob you of your reason in this world
be it beauty, be it mystery, be it love
let them be unique to you
and make sense only to you and not to ‘them’
ask what personal mythology means
get lost on your path
without thinking when and how you ll be found

Do rituals!
for they connect you to the unknown
and teach you a subtle way to make friends with it
keep sending your love letters to the unknown
in your own sweet way
be it poetry, be it photography, be it your paintings, cooking, be it your daily routine
you might be lucky to receive answers to your letters
within the letters sent, indeed
’cause the two sides of this correspondence, your love for this world and the world loved, would merge on your letters

Ask what it means to be ‘in the world, but not of it’
keep getting amazed by light
appreciate the sun, for you would not witness such colors, shades, and creativity on the earth without her
believe in visible magic
seek it
find it
share it with others

Do not forget to play
play through the experiences
hunt like Artemis, target the moon
Listen to the magical music of Orpheus and dare to sing along with him!
Rest with Buddha!
Destroy with Kali!
Live the passion between Osiris and Isis
Try the Sufi-whirling to make love to your beloved Universe
like Shams and Rumi did
hear the silent continuous music that is accompanying your mythology
let the moon and the sun cast a spell on this music

Connect with the Alice inside you
let her guide you through the infinite gates opening into the sacred present moment
and when she gets lost following her bliss on the earth,
remember what the dormouse said,
feed your head, feed your head…!

Try vulnerability and no defense for yourself
 just like you did when that fragile butterfly landed and stayed on you for a while
and remember how you felt at the very second of landing
how you hosted her with your precious vulnerability…

Let sadness bring you back to your source
be a stargazer when the darkness takes over you
grow new eyes to see in the dark
be comfortable with having no answers to the questions
let nothing but your own myth guide the way

And remember, darling, you have not lived before
you have never been at this particular age, time and place before
so let curiosity guide you
rob you of your reason
let it
let it….”


elifdur-100x84Elif Dur is a devoted student of self-discovery, a photographer of the visible magic, a good-hearted witch, and a Zen coach. She often considers herself a part-time Alice in her own reality, chasing the extraordinary within the ordinary with a camera. She is particularly inspired by Sufism, shamanic rituals, and Zen coaching. She lives in Istanbul, where she occasionally exhibits her photography to remind people of the daily life magic. She also loves to inspire others through her writing. She now gives Zen coaching sessions to those who are willing to hold compassionate space for themselves and have a spontaneous, authentic journey into their essence. You can connect with her on Facebook or Instagram.


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