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The Rebirth of Creativity: Spring Equinox Blessings.


“Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon seen the results of their love!” ~ Sitting Bull

The seasons turn and return — an ode to resurrection not of a man but of a whole world and all the life borne by it. We are whirling, ceaselessly, taking on the colors and clothes of these seasonal shiftings, and when we attune to and appreciate this multifarious dance, our lives are aligned, tethered, to the robust joys of constant transformation. Change and revel.

Spring always puts the focus of my life on the notion of vision: the fashioning of dreams to manifest, plans to create, and the sustenance of daily psychic gardening to water and light such visions into fruition.

Spring is, after all, the growing season, and as many of us vie to remedy the wound of separativity we have made between ourselves and the nature of Earth, connecting to seasonal rhythms offers powerful medicine.

This practice entices us to pay closer attention to the natural world and observe how change is flowing through the trees, the plants and vegetation, the animals and the weather. When we do so at the turning points of seasons, we are welcomed into the marvel of witnessing the shifting gears of Mother Earth’s seasonal processions.

It’s a diverse dance, one that we are invited to join. Spring is a wizard of a thing. Think of it: it is the rebirth after the slow and painful dyings of winter. A fragrant kiss by the warm wind blossoms the trees, ignites the flowers, and plants into fervent love-making, churning the growing that will feed our bellies with sumptuous nutrition and our eyes with hearty beauty that will set our souls alight.

The growing season is foremost about planting. In terms of our inner world, the activity presents itself in this fashion: What do we wish to plant in our lives this year? What visions do we hope to manifest?

These are the beginnings of growing our psychic garden, while planting tangible gardens are also encouraged if one is blessed with the green space in a city environment. For those in rural environs, the blessings are abundant.

Growing things, whether inner or outer, connects us to a whole world of cultivation skills, responsibility unto our creations, whether it is ideas or plants that we nurture, and the commitment to see things through.

All of these activities are perfect sustenance for the mutual growing of virtues, such as perseverance, courage (manifestation takes gall), lovingkindness to maintain nurturance, resplendent joy that is manna for the heart, and many more that will, like our creations, undoubtedly bloom with a preface of fragrant aroma.

Do new things you have never done. Consider every anxiety and fear that comes up as knee-jerk reaction, a secret call that indeed those are exactly the things to push through.

Fear is the opposite of love, so play a constant topsy-turvy: each time a fear rears its wretched head, turn it instantly around and will a loving thought in its place. If it proves stubborn, dance and sing while you do it to raise your frequency. Transcendence is a happy inevitability.

By joining in the reveling rhythms of nature, we also find support through attuning and entraining to the greater natural frequencies within and without us. It is easier to start things in spring for this matter, which makes me think that we’re in dire need of revising the concept of New Year’s resolutions. Try changing in winter. Think so: better to rest as nature does.

Indeed, many traditional cultures did, and still do, celebrate the spring equinox as the new year, and it makes common sense.

In the traditions that inspire Chinese medicine, spring is said to be the time of the wood element, which is expressed in our bodies in the liver and gallbladder, whose psychic functions are the control of visioning and planning so that our more subtle imaginings can take tangible form as creations in our reality. Thus, our visioning powers are literally brimming with more vital energy or qi.

This whole process of creating what we dream of is one of the most joyous activities we are afforded as human beings, and replete with priceless wisdom learned from inevitable adversities faced on the creative journey.

We are in this too: our dreams suddenly wake, clumsily at first, and then buoyed by the climbing ecstasy of warmth, begin to dance lithely, reaching summits of creativity and shining that make our lives an honoring of the great power in us all. We are called to vision the new seeds to plant, seeds of thoughts in our psychic gardens, encouraged and supported by nature’s spring hymn.

What is it you want to create? Let this query turn to mantra and repeat in your heart until the flowers are blooming inside too.

The use of our creativity with such intention is one of the great reclamation projects of our age, as we as a species wake from millennia of disempowered beliefs that have largely conditioned us to yield our visioning powers to others, especially narrow-minded governments and monarchs on too frequent an occasion.

Moreover, our modern industrial capitalist system has diminished us as consumers, not as citizens, and the joyless gazes of the masses speak to lack of creative engagement with self and world.

When we take the time to truly honor ourselves as creators of not just our world but the world, we take initial steps on the heroic journey of self-realization, igniting a whole new spectrum of powers and virtues that will keep us happily engaged with new purpose. Life will never be the same.

Bring wildness to your dreams. Let them be bigger than you can possibly imagine, like the edge of a Yoga pose where you lean in with your yearnings to expand and fall off the cliff of your known limitation into the soaring flight of freedom. Go to the heart and drink deeply so your dreams are rooted in your deepest desires, whatever they may be.

Dream as big as a cosmos and release them as rockets of intention into the universe. Think not of them again until a response comes. For the Universe will respond and magic will be anointed. Hurdle over expectations as one leaps over a thorny bush, and trust the great universal heart-mind shall offer you the needed music for your destiny to be expressed.

As the Earth turns and dances in its cosmic wanderings, the seasons change and nature offers itself as medium to express the flux and flows. Humanity is invited to journey in these naturally diverse adventures.

The growing glow of spring leads naturally to the fervent passion of summer, where our visions find most strident expression and the abundant vitality to flower in fullness. Autumn finds us harvesting the fruits of our endeavors, and in winter, we rest to restore ourselves for more adventures come another round.

This needn’t be seen as merely the macrocosmic procession of the seasons: our lives have seasons, and even a day can have them.

The point is to follow the art of the heart as the Taoists proclaimed: living in awareness of the feeling intuitions of our center, temple of soul, so that we may be more masterful in moving with the subtle flows of our lives rather than battering around in the seas of unconscious ignorance where wisdom is scarce and we’re vulnerable to being misguided.

Trust is faith, and the Divine has been brokenhearted by our lack of attention. Set an evening aside to seduce the Divine back into your life with incense, offerings of playful prayer, and even ravishing your lover as if they were God/Goddess and win back the love of all the stars, wisely gesturing with waves. Let love become cosmic!

The guiding realm is a magical notion asserted by the ancients to signify that our universe is indeed filled with consciousness and intelligence. When we open ourselves to these inputs, much like opening to the flows of the seasons, we find our world becomes animated in profoundly fresh ways and enriched immeasurably.

Spend time burrowing inside and finding the great, heroic dreams of your heart, of your soul, and spend time with them. Ask of them, what do you want to create in this world and this life? How can this be done? Await the answers. Linger in non-doing states where we make space to receive wisdom rather than make it. This opens up a whole new way of living that is marvelous.

Shake till you shine and nestle into any tiredness and need for restoration in the midst of all this flux, and flow as a beloved dog would in a field midday, breathing in the delicious sunlight and opening to the healing waves of the angels in the air, the blessedness of body-cleansing blood and spiritual glows.

Rest in the arms of the Earth who changes and churns only to play with you. Feel Her cackle in your frustrations and blockades, teasing and tickling you to take new shape at every turn, never leaving you alone. Never. Even in your aloneness, you are in Her arms of infinite mercy and continual mirth. Let your heart meet Hers, and forget all trouble.

And let your seeds be planted in community gardens, both outside and in. Create dreams that fill you with limber light and also the lives of others.

More so this year than any other, consider all the folk in your life with loving sentiments, wishing them the same magnanimous creativity and sagacious happiness.

Do so until you are so in love with so many that your heart overtakes your intellect and never looks back. Marvel at their gifts, which will help you do the same for your own. We are all magicians and lovers and kings and queens and warriors too.

When those dreams seem clear enough, launch them into the fertile fields of universal energy that our whole cosmos is and trust that the divine intelligence that is all will help us, so long as we help ourselves by continuing to sit with these visions, working with responses that the Universe will return in synchronicities, coincidences and other magical signs.

Be quiet enough to discern these whispers through the mental fasting of meditation. Be present and yogic, bridled to breath and awareness, throughout your daily tasks, living deeper and more embodied — where wisdom reigns. Be a creator and create courageously what you’ve always dreamed of doing with your life.

And any time anxiety, fear or thoughts of shame and limitation attempt to curtail, tickle them to laughter, unfreezing their stagnant ways with dancing, willful breaths and amorous affirmations.  Sometimes the secret about blessings is asking for them.


Darren Austin Hall is a shamanic musician, sound healer and spiritual teacher. He tours internationally, and is an acclaimed recording artist. He is a renowned speaker and pioneer, teaching on a diversity of topics to do with the evolution of universal consciousness, including the reclaiming of indigenous origin, the shamanic archetype, sacred sexuality, and spiritual living. His concerts are experiences of sonic mysticism, blending crystal bowls, angelic guitar, channelings of song and words, poetry and story-telling. He is a TEDx performer, published writer, and has performed at a diversity of festivals, including Cosmic Convergence and OM Reunion Project. He is the founder of Conscious Masculinity Toronto and co-visionary of Project Unity. You could contact him through his website.


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