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The Sacred Power of Menstrual Blood: Reclaiming Our Wise Blood.


Menstrual blood used to be one of the most sacred substances on Earth, and now science is discovering its incredible healing powers.

Five years ago, my partner and I, as part of our research, met with a top international research scientist working with menstrual blood stem cells. His research indicated they had the capacity to work miracles. He described how the first time he used menstrual blood stem cells he felt like he had been reborn — an unfit man in his late fifties, he’d had to run around the block because he had so much energy.

Another research scientist in his sixties working with stem cells had experienced his hair change from grey to the black of his youth in a matter of months. Throughout the world, in secret, these experiments are happening — in China, Russia, India, and more.

Whilst women are giving their power away to patriarchal ideologies, taking drugs to stop their menstrual cycle, using cancer-causing chemical-bleached tampons to stem the flow, seeing their menses as an inconvenient curse they are ashamed of, male scientists around the world are using this blood to harness its amazing powers.

Isn’t it time we reclaimed our feminine power? Honoring the sacred regenerative properties of the flowering of our wombs?

The Spiritual Power of Menstruation

Gnostic Christians used to call their religion Syneisaktism — another word for agape — which means The Way of Shaktism, referring to tantric yoni-worship.

One of the most important rituals was preparing a drink of immortality made from menstrual blood, which is full of healing stem cells, which can actually activate our cellular capacity to regenerate and transport us to endocrine states of rapture. Or in a spiritual sense, open us up to the cosmic consciousness of heaven or paradise.

This love feast or sacred marriage — a core part of the menstrual mysteries — was eventually declared a heresy and women were barred from participating in Christian rites.

However, the power of rebirth and resurrection previously associated with the menstrual blood of the Divine Mother was transferred to the story of Jesus and his ritual of Eucharist — hic est sanguis meus — this is the chalice of my blood — where worshipers drank his blood to gain the power of rebirth.

In most ancient myths and religions throughout the world, dating back hundreds of thousands of years, the power of rebirth had always been a blessing of the feminine womb, embodied and gifted by sacred womb priestesses across many cultures. It had never been held by a man, although there are many legends about the menstrual powers of female shamans being stolen by male gods.

The Holy Grail, in its true original essence, is the womb.

Women born many, many thousands of years ago in what we might call Original Innocence, before many of our genetic capabilities went offline, held this power naturally, as a birthright, shared with their tribes in renewal rituals.

Since those times, once the birthright was lost, women across many lineages and cultures — womb priestesses — have practiced many varied ways to heal, clear and open the womb, so it can once again embody the frequency of love, of original creative power, so that the energetic and physical stem cell capacity can activate purer states of consciousness and activate incredible regenerative healing.

This knowledge has been almost lost over the last thousand years, as it has been fragmented, scattered and deliberately destroyed.

Now it is desiring to return, to renew our lands as the myths go.

The blessing of menstruation in myth

Evidence of the sacredness of menstruation throughout all cultures before the rise of the male-dominated patriarchy is well documented.

* The Maoris stated explicitly that human souls are made of menstrual blood, which when retained in the womb assumes human form and grows into a man.

* Africans said menstrual blood is congealed to fashion a man.

* Aristotle said human life is made of coagulum of menstrual blood.

* In some Hindu theory, as the Great Mother creates, her substances become thickened and forms a curd or clot. This was the way she gave birth to the cosmos, and women employ the same method on a smaller scale.

* Native Americans of South America said all mankind was made of moon blood in the beginning.

* In ancient Mesopotamia, they believed the Great Goddess Ninhursag made mankind out of clay and infused it with her blood of life.

* Adam, from the feminine adamah, means bloody clay. The Bible’s story of Adam was lifted from an older female-oriented creation myth recounting the creation of man from clay and moon blood.

* In the Koran’s creation story, it says that Allah made man out of flowing blood, but in pre-Islamic Arabia, Allah was the Goddess of creation, Al-Lat.

* Plutarch said man was made of earth, but the power that made a human body grow was the moon, source of menstrual blood.

(list adapted from The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara Walker)


Seren Bertrand is a womb mystic and midwife of feminine consciousness, who has been a visionary leader in women’s empowerment for over two decades. She is the co-founder of The Fountain of Life feminine mystery school, and co-author of ‘Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom From the Creatrix of All Life’, described as a “revelation and a masterpiece.” She graduated with a degree in English Literature and Modern Philosophy, before embarking on the twin paths of a career in writing as well as journeying deeply into the spiritual feminine traditions. Her writing on female Tibetan refugees was nominated for an Amnesty International Award for Human Rights Reporting. She is passionate about the practical, embodied awakening of women and men, in a mystical yet no-nonsense way, which calls us into our true feelings, brings us back into the body, and roots us into the wisdom of Earth. The Fountain of Life offers in-depth online Womb Awakening apprenticeships.


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