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Searching to Be Seen.


I watch as she searches for an open, rhythmic world that has yet to be recognized.

A place where the systems of the society illuminate the individual spark, instead of desperately trying to dampen it out.

A place where laughter is abundant, words are chosen intentionally, and it’s understood that being outdoors is the foundation of who her people are.

A time when the natural world is seen for the sacred interconnectedness they’re all searching for.

I watch as she searches for the space within every human being that is home.

A place of humble confidence, peaceful play, and graceful movement, a mindful and contemplative way of being.

This internal state of being is the home that they’re all searching for externally.

I watch as she searches for the lush landscape of the soul, waiting beneath the surface to be expressed in ecstasy.

A landscape that is written into the DNA of their individual existence, waiting to be traversed by the thoughts, actions, and choices that will bring the story of their soul into physical existence.

I watch as she makes those small, steady, and often uncertain choices that lead her back to the story of the radiant life she was born to live.

This story being told through the life she lives will bear intuitive truth, and being able to listen and live out that individual story will pave the way for this to be the way of her people.

This story goes against what their society has conditioned them to believe, but once they tap into the story of their DNA, the joy that comes will keep them from ever going back to the way they were once told they must live.

I watch as she waits for the moments when she can see the inner fire that they all carry join into a flame that creates a universal roar.

When people are no longer at the mercy of the minds of others, but living harmoniously in the freedom of their mind, the destiny they were meant to fulfill.

Their days will be filled with contentment in the moment, no longer grasping, striving, or reaching for a place that doesn’t exist and never will.

I watch as she searches for these places, spaces, and moments because she knows it’s all possible, in the here and now.

She sees glimpses of the paradise in which we can live.

Yet only through the broken cracks of the system can the whole see that there’s a brighter world waiting for them, waiting for them to tap into their true nature and expand their way of being.

I am the light, waiting for her to find these places, spaces and moments.

When she arrives, I dance through the energy channels of her body, I create the euphoria that drives her search, I live through her consciousness of this light, my light.

Her people have the gift of consciously recognizing this light, and this is their gift of reciprocity to me.

I watch as she searches, waiting to be seen.


Caitlin Climes is rooted in a wild wonder of the world she finds herself immersed in. This past fall, she spent time traveling throughout Thailand and Bali to explore new ways of being. She has experience as a public speaker, co-founder of an environmental organization, outdoor spiritual guide, and a leader of camping and adventure trips around the world. Caitlin has always been interested in exploring the human condition, and now seeks to understand how writing can be used to spark and cultivate the subtle state of awareness that connects our experiences. She feels the interconnectedness of all life, and aims to manifest her awe through the written word.


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