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Quietly Healing from the Heart in a Noisy World.


When I think of the healing sessions I have had, whether paid or not, the ones that have created the most impact in my life, are the ones that were not advertised as being with celebrity psychics.

They were not the healing sessions advertised on websites that had page after page of raving testimonial. They were not the ones with a grievously long, copywritten statement hinting at how the consumer’s life would be incomplete without said healing, advising to book Now before a special offer ended.

The most impactful coaching and healing sessions, for me, have been with people who did not make a fuss. Social media was a tool by which to find them, but they were not plastered all over it. My inner guidance led me to some of these pages, and when the quiet idea to go and see what they were about presented itself, I listened.

I do not mean to dismiss marketing, as I do see the importance of presenting oneself and one’s services in a manner that will attract the clients who most need the healer, and who are most needed by the healer. But certainly there are ways to go about it that will not make one seem disingenuous, that will not give the potential client the feeling that his life is incomplete without a product or service.

I do not market myself, not because I think my services are not worth money or an energetic exchange of sorts, but because for the most part, I am content with where I am. My livelihood comes from my salaried position. I like being able to offer my gifts for the joy of it, without needing to depend on that offering for a living. I feel these circumstances allow me to be most authentic in my approach to healing.

While I do dream of some day working for myself, I do not need this to happen right now, or even in the near future, in order to be content.

One of the psychic mediums I’ve worked with depends entirely on her intuitive work for her livelihood, and I see through her the struggles that come with that — “struggles” being my term, not hers. She accepts it as the nature of what she does while remaining open to change, and she is okay with not always knowing where her mortgage will come from next month.

She is responsible and finds ways to work things out, but sometimes this costs her sleepless nights. She is one of the bravest people I know, and while I admire her very much for it, I do not know if I am ready for that to be my life. If I ever did make that leap, I would hope to remain as heart-centered in my work as she is. I believe I would lose my heart-centered-ness and succumb to fear if I were to leap too soon.

Another of the healers I know talked at length with me as I went through an extreme bout of heartache. After I reached out to her for help, she took the time to get to know what was wrong, which was a part of the healing session. She spent hours with me. As I was leaving, I took out my wallet to pay, she told me that was not necessary. She hugged me and said, “It’s not all about the money.”

I do not believe it is necessary to starve or live in shambles as an intuitive worker, artist, or any of the other jobs associated with lack of steady income. I am not turned off by all marketing, but so much of it strikes me as inauthentic, grabbing people by their fear.

It is about finding that steady, genuine flow in one’s work, and making the leap to self-employment only when one is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ready for it. Plus, when one is in a calm and grounded state, it is easier to feel those intuitive nudges and hear what God is saying.

The times I have spent in the company of the ones mentioned above have been some of the most monumental and loving of my life, and they did not cost a sum that made me feel uncomfortable. I used to not believe in medium-ship, but this changed upon meeting the right medium.

I have nothing against celebrity psychics, and am certain some of them are quite accurate, but I mean to make a point that, just because a psychic or healer does not have ‘celebrity’ next to their name, they should not be written off. Just because they do not have page upon page of reviews, and do not Tweet or post to Facebook every day, does not mean they do not care.

To the contrary — a lack of presence on social media can mean more presence in the real world, radiating authentic energy.

So next time you go on Meetup or search metaphysical stores near you, don’t disregard a practitioner just because she doesn’t have any Facebook reviews. If you feel even the slightest bit drawn from a heart level, go to that store, or attend that class. You should not need to pay $500 for an Akashic Record Clearing or be put on a year-long waitlist to speak with a medium.

If those things do not resonate and do not seem like what you truly want to do, look for simpler answers.

And promise yourself that when those answers present themselves, you won’t ignore them.


Heidi Hendricks has been published in Adelaide and Buck Off Magazine, and was a finalist in the Adelaide Literary Awards 2017 with her essay, “Nonlinear.” She is passionate about music, and plays the guitar as a hobby. She is currently working on a book of poetry and essays. Her favorite topics are self-exploration, peace, love, and healing.


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