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Elixirs of Menstrual Blood: Medicine of the Womb.


Wise women herbalists and lineages of priestesses held the highly guarded secret of how to mix herbal elixirs of menstrual blood, to induce regenerative healing and altered states of consciousness. This was the herbal equivalent of drinking from the Holy Grail.

Menstrual blood was once used as a sacred medicine by tribes across the world, and its spiritual and homeopathic gifts are immense, yet if ingested in a normal way, the regenerative stem cells in menstrual blood are destroyed by the digestive process.

Ancient womb shamans held the recipes for miracle healing.

This practice was known worldwide. In Alaska, the Koyukon people mixed menstrual and birthing fluids with medicinal plants, and in Tibet, the menstrual blood of young girls was offered to the goddess Tara, and used as medicine for the whole community.

In Russia, there were womb shamans known as “upir” — later called vampires or werewolves — who worshiped the Moon Goddess and most likely drank sacred sacraments of her menstrual blood. The upir were often connected in folklore with wise women and witches, and symbols of the goddess such as the swan.

In Western alchemical tradition, the power of menstrual blood was also well known, and was the healing and awakening Eucharist of early Gnostic womb churches. This was the heresy that the patriarchal church sought to destroy. Researchers on Western alchemy, Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince confirm that this knowledge was once a key of alchemical traditions:

“It is significant that Agrippa, like the alchemists, believed that menstrual blood had a particular practical and mystical application.

They believed that it contained some unique elixir or chemical and that ingesting it in a certain manner, using ancient techniques, would guarantee physical rejuvenation and bestow wisdom.”

For the ancient goddess devotees, the power of attending a womb church lay in the sacrament that gave ecstatic communion with Divine Mother and provided tangible physical healing and regeneration benefits from receiving the awakened stem cells.

Like other shamanic traditions that require special practices and preparations for use, such as the South American use of ayahuasca and the Siberian shaman’s use of Amanita muscaria, the menstrual blood had to be prepared with a special recipe of herbs and possibly snake venom in order to prevent coagulation or stomach acid destroying the potent stem cells.

This shamanic lore would have been passed down through lineages of womb shamans, and it is quite possible it is this knowledge the church was trying to eradicate during its persecutions of the Cathars and the witch trials, which often targeted wise women herbalists.

Now the recipes are lost, the shamanic lineage broken, and women have been deliberately disempowered and disconnected from their own natural healing powers gifted from the body of the goddess.

For indigenous shamans and communities, ingesting menstrual blood appears to have been the ultimate way of incorporating the essence of another into oneself. And the sanctity of this rite, done in love, would have been the key to its success. The true otherworldly powers of the feminine elixirs should only be gifted in love for the benefit of life, not manipulated for personal gain.

We have this knowledge in our womb-memory to be reclaimed.

Extract from ‘Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life’, by  Azra and Seren Bertrand.


Seren Bertrand is a womb mystic and midwife of feminine consciousness, who has been a visionary leader in women’s empowerment for over two decades. She is the co-founder of The Fountain of Life feminine mystery school, and co-author of ‘Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom From the Creatrix of All Life’, described as a “revelation and a masterpiece.” She graduated with a degree in English Literature and Modern Philosophy, before embarking on the twin paths of a career in writing as well as journeying deeply into the spiritual feminine traditions. Her writing on female Tibetan refugees was nominated for an Amnesty International Award for Human Rights Reporting. She is passionate about the practical, embodied awakening of women and men, in a mystical yet no-nonsense way, which calls us into our true feelings, brings us back into the body, and roots us into the wisdom of Earth. The Fountain of Life offers in-depth online Womb Awakening apprenticeships.


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