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3 Unspoken Truths of a Caged Human Spirit.


You want to crowd surf in a stadium completely naked, with lighting that accentuates every glorious roll of fat on your body.

You want to go to a sex party where you are treated like the God or Goddess incarnate.

You want to scream out all of your frustration in the middle of the day on a busy urban street.

You want to throw a pie in your boss’ face.

You want to tell that guy to fuck off.

You want to slam the door in someone’s face.

You want to playact a proposal that gets you a major upgrade.

You want to attend an important meeting without any underwear.

You want to fuck outside.

At least, in your dreams you are this shameless, this bold, with a hot glow that comes from being utterly satisfied. It’s in you, the fire and power of a high-end dominatrix, and that terrifies you. So, you whisper instead of scream.

You play nice. And it’s boring you out of your mind.

The restlessness from never causing a stir may lead you to insanity. At this moment it’s sparked a haze of depression and self-hatred that follows you where ever you go.

Is this it?

This is truly a worse fate than insanity, it lacks all the drama and wonder of a woman totally off her rocker. You won’t go so far as to say you envy madness.

But you do want to feel, to be forced awake and firmly back into life.

After all, good is just another cage. I should know, it has imprisoned me for most of my life. No teenage rebellion, always the teacher’s pet.

Here lies the unspoken truths of a caged human spirit:

1.With every great human, there is someone else with the potential to knock their socks off staring at them as if they were chickenshit.

2. The caged spirit makes you hate everything you secretly want to be.

3. The kindest person you know, who always makes tea in the office, has violent dreams of ripping everything to shreds.

You have abused this child, also known as your potential, long enough. You can see her cracks and her bruises. She has been knocking frantically at your door. Ignored. Unloved. Unacknowledged.

I know she has been clawing at my insides for decades. She is ready to do almost anything to get your attention. She no longer wants out. She demands it. Do not tempt her into tragedy. Crises have a knack of getting you to focus on what is real. It is her deadly option, her last trick to get you to notice.

Listen to her for your own protection.

She used to reach out to me in my dreams, but now her reach has spread. I hear her crying upon my waking. There is no other way out.

If you feel it too…

She is coming for you.

Be kind to yourself.

Submit to your dreams before it kills you.

No one gets out of this alive.


Salome is a recovering anthropologist and professional coach. By day, she helps strange and unreasonable visionaries, also known as social entrepreneurs, launch or scale their ventures. At night, she shifts her focus to tackling shame and meek self-expression. You can join her on this wild crusade here.


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