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I March on Towards the Spaces in Freedom.


What is it about a place that looks back at me? What is it that calls, grabs, and consumes my attention? What is it that makes me feel I’m a part of it?

What is the space in a place that pulls me in? I have been and always will be attracted to spaces open, abandoned, barren and beautiful. In their silent pieces I am intrigued, and with an open heart I wander to their unknown, forever.

I can’t stop it, can’t shake it, and can’t ignore my need to be outside of walls. I can’t tame the wild parts of me that want to be a part of life outside. It does not matter how much I am distracted, how much money or things I have, because the outside will always win. The need and lure to be unconfined will always haunt my obedient body that listens and takes me towards it.

I take myself to places unknown, paths off the beaten path, and spots special because in them I am alone and allowed to be free. Like burning flames in dark spaces, there is no limit to where I can go, there are no walls to contain me, and no clocks to define my time. The flames go where they please and stay for as long as they like, allowing eyes to see what they choose while warming those nearby.

They can be the main course or the appetizer, the whole story or its part, but either way, they are free to illuminate the night and wander spaces, uncaged.

I am consumed by flames dancing, the notion of wandering, and the curiosity of where freedom will take me. There is so much to feel, so many stories to tell, landscapes to see, and life to be lived. I want to lie on my back and watch the night sky. I want to walk until a space grabs my attention and beckons me to sit and enjoy it.

I want to be open to receive all of the life that breathes in spaces surrounding me, be carried away by its magic, and when the time is right, harvest every single gift that I can from the moment.

But mostly I just want to feel a sense of home, belonging, and my new beginning towards truly living and feeling alive. When I am home, I am safe, loved, and realize that home never really left me and was always there in freedom.

Home is where I choose to truly be myself, the real self that exists outside of definition. It is the piece of me that’s left when I am taken over by a moment, the present, my surroundings, or when I engage with and become a part of something larger. It’s the part of me that I forget about, that is unrecognizable at first but, like an old friend, was always there.

So I dust myself off, blow a kiss to the moon, and march on towards the unconfined, myself, my magic, my home, and spaces in freedom.


rachelhardmanRachel Hardman is someone who seeks the parts of life that make her feel the most. She absolutely loves nature (especially the desert),  sacred moments, leaning in and being a part of something that gives back. To her, life is all about the things that make you crazy excited, continually smile, get up in the morning, feel alive, and especially want to live it! She loves the word ‘magic’ because, to her, it encompasses anything and everything. Anything is magical and can be, because with magic anything is possible. If allowed, magic will consume and claim your curiosity. It will take you from a confined space to one that is unlimited and excitingly mysterious.


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