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This Is What a Maiden Voyager Is Called to Do.


The maiden voyager lives in a timeless dance, where the sun never sets and a love that is greater than she’s able to comprehend touches the light in her eyes.

This timeless space holds the contentment of inner peace, endless harmony, and joyous synchronicity. A vibrancy so profound that it resonates with the pulse of her beating heart.

The maiden voyager lives in this timeless place where she’s joined by others when she least expects it. These maidens and braves who join her are living in the stream of their own brilliant light. Sometimes they pass by for a few moments, other times, they hold hands and dance in the radiance of space they inhabit.

And with a special few, she dances for just a moment past the time they’ve been given because she never wants it to end. They both know inevitably they must let go to continue on the path of their own light, the path they are called to follow.

The maiden voyager knows that her path will always cross at the opportune moment with those who are also living in their timeless dance.

But there is a struggle, a pull to the field of time, a place she left long ago.

She’s torn because those she loves live in this field of time.

A place where clocks tick to a man-made rhythm and structure they’ve created for themselves. The maiden voyager avoids this world of time because within it lies pain, struggle, grief, and loss.

She’s torn because she wants to dance with her loved ones, but must return to the confines of time to touch their essence. She must leave her path of light, her timeless dance to be with them. Each time she leaves the light to see them, she feels the pull, the tug of the timeless dance calling her back.

She feels this divide deep within her being. How can she inhabit both spaces? Or is there a choice she must make to live in one or the other?

The maiden voyager contemplates these questions in the mountains of the south. She allows the water of the canyon creek to wash her tears away, the desert sun a reminder that there is always a choice to move towards more light.

In the late evening sun, it begins to dawn on her, just as the sun sets each night, so too can her timeless dance. There are times when it’s important to participate in the field of time, the night of our endless existence. It is only through the darkest of night that we reach dawn.

The Earth asks her to find a balance between her timeless dance and the field of time. This will require her to return to the sorrow and pain that exists in the field of time. But what she has forgotten is that in this field of time, joy and radiance exist for her too.

Achieving a balance between the timeless dance of her own radiant light and sharing that with others in the field of time is what the maiden voyager is called to do. And her work has only just begun.


Caitlin Climes is rooted in a wild wonder of the world she finds herself immersed in. This past fall, she spent time traveling throughout Thailand and Bali to explore new ways of being. She has experience as a public speaker, co-founder of an environmental organization, outdoor spiritual guide, and a leader of camping and adventure trips around the world. Caitlin has always been interested in exploring the human condition, and now seeks to understand how writing can be used to spark and cultivate the subtle state of awareness that connects our experiences. She feels the interconnectedness of all life, and aims to manifest her awe through the written word.


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