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5 Reasons Energetic Plant Medicine Is Needed More Than Ever.


It’s no secret that we’re continuing to sink into greater depths of disconnection, ill-health, and environmental damage, but there’s good news here.

This is serving as a catalyst for awakening and change.

We are quite resilient creatures and can tolerate a lot, mainly due to the crafty bypassing mechanisms we’ve devised. However, there comes a time when we become aware of our suffering and desire a new way rooted in authenticity and simplicity. I believe that time is now.

The etiology of all human suffering — physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually — is the illusion of separation that feeds the “there’s something wrong with me” story. Disconnecting from our Nature, our Source, breeds suffering, dysfunction, imbalance, and dis-ease.

So, what’s our medicine? How do we reconnect? Where do we begin? Primary healthcare should really be about addressing the subtle components of a person’s being, not waiting until those imbalances and issues have manifested into their gross experience. Undigested trauma, stress, and the like create stagnation in our subtle system, which then manifests in our gross, 3D experience.

These things are compounding, they fuel our existing story of separation, and must be addressed for total rejuvenation.

By allowing the mantra of “the subtle creates the gross” to guide us, we can more easily stay aligned with our needs to maintain the flow of our vital energy.

Subtle layers, our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, are quite sensitive, yet highly responsive when we become aware of them and release stubbornly held views, beliefs, etc. From there, the gross follows, regenerating and recreating to allow the manifestation of our most desired outcome.

Our Earth is a mirror for the dysfunction and dis-ease we experience. What’s done and not done to and for Her is done and not done to and for us. Let that sink in for a moment. It all flows continuously together, for better or for worse.

With this in mind, the best place to start our “whole-ing” process is through connecting with Nature, our primary Source. She provides all we need for multilevel healing from the most gross of our existence (think fruits and vegetables) to the subtlest (think energetic plant medicines, flower essences, etc.)

Now, more than ever, energetic plant medicines are needed. Here are five reasons why this is the answer.

  1. Reconnects to Source

As described previously, illness and dis-ease are caused by our perceived separation from Source, which in turn further alienates us. This is all a horrible illusion and not true in the slightest. By dropping what we think we know about ourselves, about illness and dis-ease, and the world around us, we create space for profound Truth to be remembered.

This can be facilitated through energetic plant medicines, which, among many other traits, are notorious for stabilizing our systems long enough to reactivate our power and higher consciousness. This means we are no longer enslaved by the illusions.

  1. Helps Us Embody Our Authentic Essence

Peeling away layers of fear, trauma, and anything that isn’t authentically us and our true Nature, allows us to more easily embody our authentic essence. Why does this matter? Without embodying our Spirit, we’re lost. We’re more like slightly animated shells than the divine spiritual beings we actually are at our core.

The layers require a lot of energy to maintain and usually come along with various quirks and traits that aren’t authentically you, but responses to the fear, trauma, etc. In addition, one typically assumes the belief that the physical body isn’t a safe place to inhabit. It’s no wonder many of us feel spiritually deprived and out of alignment. 

  1. They’re Sustainable and Feed Us a Dose of Humility

The Earth’s resources are being continually used and misused, and are in high demand. We demand to receive what we want when we want it. There’s not much co-creating occurring, and many practices lack sustainability, to say the least. This attitude towards Her mirrors the attitudes we have towards ourselves.

Many of us demand so much from ourselves with little replenishment or gratitude. We often take good health for granted, and are rarely content. Our own resources are used and misused, and we attempt to adapt to many cycles and rhythms that are unnatural.

Working in a co-creative fashion with plants in their natural, energetic form is sustainable. It doesn’t require loads of plant materials. It’s all about the most naturally and purely occurring flow, which reacquaints us with our own.

We’ve thought of ourselves as supreme beings with dominion over the land for thousands of years. Coming into right relationship with Nature reminds us of our place in the spiral dance of life.

  1. Provides Ancestral Healing

Much of what we carry isn’t actually ours from this lifetime, but has been passed down through our lineage. We carry it in our cellular memory, the nature aspect, and we also wear it in our energy, thanks to the traits and armors we adopted from our caregivers, the nurture aspect.

Traumatized people raise traumatized people, who in turn raise more traumatized people, and so on and so forth. It’s not a matter of blaming or pointing fingers, it’s simply the nature of being human: we have trauma.

This trauma impacts us on many levels and manifests physically as dis-ease in the body, in health, in our relationships, and in our general experiences (or lack thereof) with life. These various traits and memories feed the illusion of separation, and are all shades of the “there’s something wrong with me” story.

We each have a choice right now to perpetuate the broken status quo, or to dance with and befriend the shadows. By choosing the latter, you allow the suffering of those before you to mean something, be witnessed, be compassionately acknowledged, and be transformed. Find the stability, support, and courage to undertake this journey through Nature’s remedies. 

  1. Awakens Our Intuitive Wisdom

We have all we need inside. We have the answers, we know what’s best, and we know our next steps. The problem is, we’ve been programmed to believe otherwise. We’ve been programmed to believe we need something or someone outside of us, which is simply false. While outside guidance and counsel are invaluable, at the end of the day, your intuition knows best, and strengthening it is crucial.

Strengthening your intuition comes with unraveling the aforementioned layers of false illusions about yourself and the world and coming to a place of stability from within. Sacred pauses, silence, stillness, energetic support, bringing awareness to the places of resistance and stagnation within, giving yourself permission to receive, and dancing with all of it is the only way. 

What do you most need right now? Just turn to Nature, your Source, remember and receive.


Devon Battaglia, MS, NC, RYT is a Holistic Life, Relationship & Wellness Mentor, Earth Medicine Intuitive, Alchemist, and owner of InnerSpark. Her unique blend of science, intuition, spirituality, Nature-based healing, energy work, Personal Alchemy, and more, empowers others to find the deeper cause of their 3D surface challenges through integrating and healing their emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. You could follow her on Instagram, receive her guide to Personal Alchemy and chakra healing, and join her online family.


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