The Holy Temple Gates. {poetry}


When you tell me that you are ready to worship at the temple of my pussy,
Do you know what that means?

That the price to enter this holy place
Is to willingly look death in the face
And in this to know the sacredness
Of all things

Or did you mistake the sweet promises of caresses from my fingertips, lips,
and the soft curve of my hips as the prize?

Don’t doubt for a moment that I can make you cry out a celestial chorus of
“Holy… Holy… Holy… Fuck”
Because there is both animal and divine that is alive in me

However, before we arrive there,
Let us talk about the reparations and devotions
That I ask you to bring forth to me

See, I want you with bloodied knees
From crawling through the depths of your being

Heart pumping, spilling over wild with the aliveness
That is discovered in the courageous act of
Feeling all things

So toss aside your false offerings of wedding rings and hollow homes
That have locked away the Feminine for far too long
Because my love, we all suffer from these empty things

What I crave is the marrow in the bones of your experience — nourishment of the deepest kind

What I seek is for you to know your belonging through the blood I so willingly bleed

What I desire is for you to let your longing be a love song
Calling out to the divine

What I ask is for you to weep for the tender wounds of separation — the heartbreaking places where you feel far away from the goddess, the world, and yourself

And from the cleansing that comes with grief
May the hollows of your heart be filled with the whispers and sweet beckoning
of a love that is calling you home

May you learn to make love to me as though I am that one who is
“As close as your next breath”
Let me touch you there

May you know me as your beloved
Caressing you in every inhale
And every exhale
Bringing you back to what is sacred with each heartbeat

And my love, may you know the holy love in every way

May you know the holy though heartbeats merging as bodies intertwine

May you know the holy through the hunger that reached down into the bottom of your soul

May you know the holy through the songs of climax and ecstasy

And my love, let us remember,
Not to lose ourselves in ceremony
For the sacred sees no separation from the ordinary,
It knows this is the dance of grace

Let us instead embody the holy union
Of flesh and spirit

Let us pay homage to the gifts of our humanity

Let us feast on the flesh of one another, as we move through the holiest of love-making

The only original sin I believe in is the one where we forgot the divine is already within

After all, the goddess delights when we find the sacred in the profane

As you come asking to worship in this sacred space, let yourself be touched by my grace

And answer me, are you ready to know yourself fully?

Because my love, this is what your soul came for when you knocked at my pussy’s temple gates

The holy reckoning and redemption that is brought forth through the rhythms of my hips and sweet caress of my lips. That healing dance of polarity.

So my love, are you willing to let me (love) in,
so that we may come to know that the felt presence of the divine is alive,
In both you and I
As we are holy bodies of love?


CaityFlanaganCaity Flanagan is a modern-day medicine woman, shamanic healer, somatic life coach, holistic herbalist, writer, poet, and doula for birth from the body and soul. She currently lives in the jungles of Costa Rica, in deep devotion to tending to the body, healing through the elements, and birthing the words and work of her soul. When Caity is not in the embrace of the jungle, she travels throughout the US and world to bring medicine teachings on plant medicine, trauma-informed somatic healing and life coaching, tantric meditation, and what it is to be both human and divine. Caity is the creator of The Wild Calling, a 9-month mystery school and deep initiation into the Divine Feminine. Caity also runs a somatic coaching intensive called Embodiment, and a collective womb-healing circle called The Sacred Cycles Journey. Through her private somatic coaching practice and worldwide retreats, Caity works with individuals ready for deep transformation through the medicine of the Earth and their souls. Caity’s clients are those who are hungry to alchemize and make art from their trauma, to birth the stories of their souls, and those who are seeking to create lives of deep service and devotion to Spirit. To learn more about her work, you can visit her personal website.


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