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Society Is a Cult and It’s Time to Rebel.


The truth is, society is a cult.

The leader is pervasive. The Man permeates our mass media, the commercialization, overt sexualization and instant gratification of the content we consume. We’re absorbing our cult leaders’ bible bullshit daily on repeat. An incessant attack across all frontiers: ears, eyes, sights and sounds, a sensory seduction of misrepresentation. Denial of truth at all costs.

Under the guise of keeping us safe and protected and informed, we’re barricaded with news channels and guns and rules and regulations. Safe? We’re kept sick, drinking the Kool-Aid. Alcohol, anti-depressants, uppers, downers, mood regulators — regulating to what? Numbed out, neutralized, disconnected, disassociated zombies.

We’re a culture of addicts. Chained together through our collective victim mentality. Waiting, waiting for somebody, some pill, some thing, to save us.

Anything external to distract from the internal.

Limited by our beliefs of feeling fine and a man with a plan financial solution, to fit in to stay safe. Surviving because that’s how you play the game. In reality, that’s not how you do it.

We’re an emotionally dyslexic, physically disconnected, and mentally addicted society.

And we need to escape.

And not escape like we’ve been told to do: by charging our credit card to take an Instagram-worthy holiday, or through swiping right to match with our heart’s delight, or eating more, or drinking more, or buying more, or working more, or ‘gymming’ more, or fucking more, or any more or any thing that takes away the focus from in to out. When in doubt, drop in.

We’re living on the periphery. It’s the generalized insanity that’s causing the calamity in our minds. Normal is not normal. You’re not insane. It’s insane.

And society will call you crazy for calling out truth!

We’re not the first witches they’ve burned. But the fear-cage is dissolving fast because calling us crazy can’t cut it anymore.

“It’s just how you play the game!” says the fear-stricken zombie across from me. Panic permeating through every pore of “What will they think?” They don’t think! I sing, expressively dancing through the coffee shop.

Poem break! Dramatic pause!
Express yourself? Zombies floored!
Toe the line, keep yourself in check
Fight for your place, it’s neck and neck.

Except it isn’t and this isn’t living.
We break free when we start giving.
When it’s less me want and more me share
Show up as yourself, if they don’t get it, who cares?

We’re here to give, we’re here to grow
Shine our light bright, not act right for show.

But our culture’s a cult and it’s keeping up sick
The tension is building, a time bomb, tick tick.
So let us explode into a million stars
We’re all made of stardust, that’s who we are.

So when we’re contoured into this cult’s cage, we bend, we mold, we shrink — we’re shape-shifting magical beings, we can do anything. Let’s remember our born-of-stars power and reveal our light. Shine it bright to reignite the truth in others. This life is a game, that part was right, but we’re not here to win, not quite. Our living is the prize, it’s already won.

Our daily reminder rises as the sun. We’re cosmically awesome, incomparably unique, burning at full voltage, it’s passion that we seek! And we are here to play, we are here to dance. It’s time now to rebel, this is our sacred chance.

Speak in sing-song rhymes, sing a made-up tune, march to the beat of your heartbeat, because it’s not all doom and gloom. Society’s a cult, so explode it. Use your superpowers for good. You know you’re from the rebellion if you’ve always felt misunderstood.

So join now, let’s rise together.

Embrace the freaks and geeks. We are the next generation, timeless, limitless… speak.

Your voice is your weapon, use it! And it will sound different from mine. Aren’t our difference delightful? I can’t wait to hear what you have to say! When you follow your creative convictions, the next dawn becomes our shared day.

This free flow contributes to revolution, I’m here to form part of the solution! Join me, let’s light up the way.


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