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8 Traits of a Feminine Warrior.


To those of us who are moving in the self-awakening circles and consciousness movements, there is no shadow of a doubt that the Feminine is on the rise.

She’s pushing Her way through the cracks in the concrete. In one way or another, She’s demanding our attention.

In the last six years of my life, I have certainly been undone by Her myself. The fierce Feminine demanded everything from me. And to Her I’ve given everything (job, relationship, any signs of a lasting threads of a normal existence). In order to embark on the journey of Feminine Awakening, we need to cultivate a ton of inner resources. It’s not given to you on a plate, you have to go deep and dirty.

That’s to say, if you want to reclaim the truest essence of yourself as a woman, you need to reclaim one of the most denied aspects of the feminine expression. Our beloved Warrior. I don’t know about you, but no one ever gave me a bow and arrow and taught me how to hunt.

No one taught me how to be a powerful woman. I was taught how to be pretty and smile when I wanted to scream. In other words, our power as women has been in the shadow. The word power has so much icky-ness around it. But what I know to be true is that there is a new form of power on the rise.

Feminine power doesn’t look like the models of domination and control that we have in our culture. It’s very different. It looks like sovereignty. It looks like battle in the name of purity and innocence. It looks like fierce protection of life, love, earth, body, and soul.

What I continue to discover is that if I really want to fulfill my soul contract, being in conversation with my warrior is a daily practice. It’s a get out of bed and find your sword kind of deal. Or even better, why not tuck up in bed with the sword?

Here’s what I’ve observed about what it means to be a feminine warrior.

1. Your mission is tied up in your wound: The place where you’ve been broken in two, and then two again, is where your deep earthly mission lies. Being a feminine warrior isn’t assuming an immature warrior attitude of going out into the world in search of domination and control. A feminine warrior has been cracked open so deeply by the source of her pain that it’s now become her purpose.

Your call to justice comes from a deeply personal experience, and yet it serves the whole of humankind. Your mission serves the rewiring of the matrix. It’s in service of the collective. Your mission comes from the inside out. Your soul has been etched by the curves of your own undoing, and you’ve transformed your suffering into your purpose.

It’s through the hardship of your journey that you come to see and accept that you were made for this.

2. You move from the depths: Once you’ve been to this wound, you know that it will eternally be your wellspring. It’s the source of your empowerment. You keep one foot in the source of your core vulnerability, and then lead from there. Your path is to be continuously cracked open.

You don’t need to pretend you’re perfect. You’re done with that. You’re not afraid to own your human-ness, but you don’t leak it either. You know when to reveal and when to be discerning. That way, you move in alignment with what’s important to you. You’re in deep integrity with the truth of your soul, and you move in the world from that place. Fierce and soft. Surrendered and focused.

3. You don’t do small talk: You don’t cater to small talk. You’d rather stick your head in a bucket of vomit than talk about the weather. You don’t do superficiality. You want to know what’s deep and true, and that’s it.

When you engage in conversation, it’s about the revolution. Period.

4. You stop at nothing: You know that there’s something more to life than the given female stereotypes, and you’ve done everything to unearth them. You’ve gone down into the depths of the shadow Feminine to reclaim your Queendom. Deep down in the underworld, you met all the demons, you fought them tooth and nail, and in doing so, reclaimed the purity of your power.

You released the shame of your anger and rage, and you learnt how to conduct it in service.

You stop at nothing to find your true calling, passion, purpose, self. You’ve gone it alone, slept in deserts, risked your life. To live on the edge of the unknown. You’ll take uncertainty over certainty any day. Your adventures in the spiritual realm are reflection of the life you lead, wild and free and as your own boss.

5. You’re in touch with your feelings: Just because you’re a warrior doesn’t mean that you’re void of feeling. That’s the outworn model of disconnected warrior-hood. The feminine warrior is connected deeply with her heart. What you do and how you move in the world is a reflection of how deeply you love this life.

You’re a warrior because you know there is shit to do and you’re damn sure on completing your mission. Because you’ve dared traverse the darkness into the depths of your own heartbreak, you let this depth of feeling be the juice for your chariot. All of the anger, rage, grief and heartbreak are gas for your horse.

6. You’re not afraid of your own shadow: Somewhere along the road, you may have realized that you were giving away your power to those who didn’t deserve it. You came face to face with your own self-betrayal, and through the humiliation of your own mirror you began to pick up the pieces. It sure was painful, but in doing so, you became whole.

By looking in, you brought home all of the pieces you were giving away and reclaimed them as your own. You brought your power back by doing the hard and daring work of looking into your own shadow. You got honest with yourself and stopped looking outside for approval. You aren’t afraid to own your darkness, because you know that’s where your power lies.

7. You’re on a mission: Sometimes you can’t explain your mission, maybe it’s not even 100% clear to you, but you know you’re moving towards something that is as important as your life. It’s like you’re being pulled by something much bigger than you. Your friends and family may think you’re crazy, but you don’t care.

You may even question your own sanity at times, but really it’s just a fleeting thought, because you know deep in your bones that you were made to serve something that hasn’t been created, or you were made to serve some area that no one else wants to look at. You’re in there with your sleeves rolled up, sunglasses on, ready for action.

8. You’re not afraid to love: Well, you might be a little afraid, but you do it anyway. Your service is as deep as your love, and it doesn’t come in sacrifice of relationships. They both come together because you know how to live inter-dependently, and what’s more, they feed each other. Your service is of the Feminine because it’s relational.

Your fight is not for yourself, it’s not a defensive fight. It’s a battle in the name of life.

You’ve reclaimed your sexuality, your capacity for deep feeling and emotional connection, as your power. You don’t seduce or manipulate, that’s the disempowered way of the Feminine. You own and invite. In this way, you’re not afraid to open to life. You don’t give yourself away for love. You stand in the truth of your experience, and dance in delight.

A feminine warrior is so because she’s learnt to integrate her vulnerability as the source of her power. She doesn’t neglect her feminine nature in order to be strong. Her feminine nature is what makes her strong. Her service is in bringing the truth of her feminine soul to this world. She’s a lover of life, a protector, and she carves new roads with her sword of truth.

She’s found deep within herself the courage to stand for what matters most at her core. At her core is her deepest vulnerability. She’s embodying a new-paradigm woman. She’s not passive. Nor is she a man-hater. She’s done her shadow work, she’s healed the split of duality within, and walks hand-in-hand with paradox. That’s what makes her a warrior. And now she calls us to rise. She’s calling us to make something new.

Will you join her?


Kate Joyner 
aka Silver Moon Poetry is a lover of all things wild. She believes passionately in the power of art to create social change, which is why she spends most of her time writing poetry and prose and creating bold and revolutionary theater performances. When she’s not pouring herself into her art, she’s holding space for women to come in to the deepest essence of their soul through her Feminine-based mentorship programs. Having excavated the far corners of the globe with her own bare feet and trained in the arts of psychotherapy, shamanic practice, deep Feminine facilitation, nature-based underworld soul-guiding and soul theater, she is an advocate for the life of the soul, and pours her passion into creating space for others to live the life of their wildest dreams. You could visit her here, here, and sign up to her mailing list here.


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