The Crying Mourning of the World. {poetry}


I am in touch with the crying mourning of this world
coming across as a helpless presidential vote
hoping to create a fantastic place
of peace, acceptance and love.

I am in touch with the sadness rage of this world
as fights among us disrupts our souls
feeling others’ blatant ideologies
as betrayals to the human soul

I am in touch with the helplessness of this world
the walking with uncertainty
the looking at the other with suspiciousness
the not knowing
the “and now what?”
the blaming foreigners for our misery
the oppressing and labeling the neighbor
and not calling it hate
the thinking that my well-being
should walk along minorities’ disgrace
because you deserve it
because you are lower than soil
because you are less than human
assuring us
a future of turmoil
predicted by the witches, the bible and shamans

I am in touch with the dark force of this world
as days pass along the shores
of a dreamy fantastic better world
for our children and ourselves

I see the pain of humanity
when we devote our hopes
in world leaders who are supposed
to take our lives from misery and pain
and dramatically change it
to freedom and hope.
And in seeing our naivety
and blind illusory faith
in government, leaders and saviors
hope becomes a shooting star
flying across the sky
fast enough to barely catch its spark.

I am holding the pain of the world
for its failure to protect one another
for its failure to protect
for its failure to live up to the expectation
for its failure in believing leaders
and retaliate their failures
against the most vulnerable.

I am holding humanity’s pain, but also its failure
to turn its pain into acts of love
but self-destruction.

I am in touch with your pain, with your misery,
with your darkness, with your sadness and anger.
I am holding it with you.
But I also hold you accountable and responsible
for the hopes devoted in leaders
who scapegoat those who,
if left unprotected, have no way to defend themselves.
I hold you accountable for every tear of suffering.
I hold you accountable.

I am in touch with the crying mourning of this world
All of it
Not only one side.
I hold it all and am heavy
I invite you to hold and carry humanity’s pain
with me.

Instead of trying to escape from it
Numb, turn your gaze or place it into others’
I invite you to feel it.
Feel it with me.

Hoping, after seeing oppression and discrimination
so openly blatant at its face,
at the words of political leaders,
this being the last time
we deny how others are suffering.

Hoping we stop hoping for them
to transform our lives
with a single vote
every four years.

Hoping that by holding this pain
we create a fantastic world ourselves
and not leave it to the hands of leaders.

Hoping we create hope right in front of us
without the need of retaliation,
but amending what is broken,
healing with words and actions
of compassion and love.

Hoping carrying this pain
brings all of us to understand
that we need to be here
not every four years
but every single day
in every way
in every step of the way
for one another.


MerariFernandezMerari Fernandez is a native Puerto Rican woman, who has found in writing the power of healing herself and the world. Encouraged as a child to put her mind into writing by her grandmother, she has found it beneficial when she cannot find the spoken words and when she has something important to say that can shake someone’s perspective. She is a therapist in private practice in Chicago at The Healing Journey Psychotherapy, and has devoted her life to work with survivors of abuse as well as with any suffering human being who has come to her for support and help. She loves Yoga, animals, the sun, the moon, the sea and the forest and anything that claim to be alive. Although, she feels deeply connected to her past ancestors. She continuous finds new ways to be present with her current life and is open to what life brings to her.


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