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Manifesting Moon Magic for June 2018: Our Life Purpose Calls, and Clarity Abounds.


Do you crave more love, more money, and greater freedom in your life? Have you been wondering how you can become a master manifeSTAR in your own life? Read on for more info on this month’s new moon and full moon medicine and solid tips for implementing this magic into your daily rituals.

Welcome to the month of June, a month of spirited energy, lively (and maybe kinky) conversations. Ooh la la. This month’s moon medicine is all about soaring higher than we’ve ever dared to soar before, releasing old wounds and believing in your own damn self.

It’s also a great opportunity to express pent-up frustrations you’ve been suppressing and get clear on what it is you actually, really want out of life and relationships.

While last month was a great time to slow down and reflect, this month is ripe for physical activity, getting outside in nature, howling at the moon, and sweating out those toxins. You know the kind I’m talking about: the emotional toxins of yesteryear that just need a little extra push to free your soul.

New Moon in Gemini, June 13th

This month, we have a chatty new moon in airy and expressive Gemini. This moon wishes to tell us something about ourselves and the people we choose to surround ourselves with. Gemini energy is fun and light, but do not underestimate the ability of this sign to transform the very foundation from which we launch our self-worth.

This month will usher in a very different energy from last month’s earthy Taurean vibe. While the Taurus new moon brought us back down to Earth, this new moon will elevate our senses and spark up some titillating and perhaps even sexual conversation, depending on where she shows up in your own personal chart.

Which house does Gemini energy fall into for you — that’s how you’ll be able to gauge the dramatic effects this new moon will have for you. And dramatic she promises to be indeed.

Although Gemini isn’t quite the show-off that Leo is, she can still cause a couple eyebrows to be raised and some pants to drop. After all, words can be very erotic, and specific combinations can strike just the right amount of sexual tension, curiosity, and suspension in an unsuspecting victim. Free your inner sex goddess and tell your partner exactly what you want. Don’t be shy.

Make sure to be spend time with your tribe, hang out with friends who vibe with your kind of magic, and open up about something you’ve been suppressing for fear of criticism or judgment.  Take a moment this month to really open up your throat and speak your mind. The freedom will be exhilarating. Embrace the nurturing, accepting medicine of friends.

Take up a foreign language (Gemini rules the mouth and gab), strike up a conversation with that handsome stranger in the bar, open your throat chakra and let out a howl as you bow down to the intense power of this new moon. Free your inner voice. You know the one I’m talking about here. She’s the one who has been hushed and shoved down since you were little. Well, no more.

It’s time to unleash your words, but do so carefully so as not to hurt any feelings or wound any hearts.

Let’s dig into the manifesting magic of this new moon! Over the next six months, we will see the fruits of our manifesting labor come into clear vision and new wishes and projects lift off the ground.

New Moon Manifesting Magic Exercise: Permission to Be Heard

Grab some palo santo, which is a superb clearing tool and helps set the stage for fresh energy as you create your new moon intentions. If you’re into the power and magic of crystals, you may want to pick up your favorite blue stone. Blue crystals serve the lovely purpose of enhancing your communication and clearing the portal to your authentic voice. Let the world hear you in all your power!

Sapphire dances a lovely tango with the planets Neptune and Mercury, the planets of dreams, magic, wonderment and communication. She is a great connector and balancing stone for Gemini energies. So, let’s all give ourselves permission to let go, relinquish control, speak our minds, and dance with the unknown.

On the eve of this new moon, open the windows, and notice the ebb and flow of the evening winds. Begin to speak this mantra out loud: “I have something to say. Hear me, world. Hear me now.” If you would like to chant, speak or sing the word Hum several times until you feel your body and mind start to flow. Feel the vibrations touch the back of your throat, expanding the walls of your vocal chords.

Allow your voice to grow louder and louder, perhaps even echoing off the walls of your home. Gradually raise your voice. If dancing feels right, add in some swaying or movement that feels freeing for you. You are letting go of old gunk that’s ready to leave your body, mind, and soul. It’s time.

Your ancestors are with you tonight, cheering you on, gently encouraging you to say what you mean and stop apologizing for being who you are.

Welcome in the new vibrations on this new dawn, as you release everything that’s been holding you back from being the powerful goddess you truly are. Move those energies right out of your throat space as you set the stage for some deep inner healing.

When we use our voice as a portal to our power, we let go of often painful and deeply embedded childhood wounds, false beliefs and old stories that were never ours to own.

Full Moon in Capricorn, June 28th

Hello, glorious yet stern earth energy, it’s time to plant our seeds of personal development and get down and dirty. Did someone say structure, discipline, and getting down to business? This full moon is ruled by Saturn, who rules Capricorn with a firm hand. This full moon is all about the foundation we’ve built in our lives, and if that’s on shaky ground, expect this full moon to come in and whip you into proper shape.

Where are you lacking ambition or drive in your life? The skies will be illuminated tonight by a celestial body asking us to get crystal clear on what our purpose is in this lifetime. Deeper soul-evoking questions may emerge today and in the days leading up to the full moon, such as:

Why am I here?

What is the meaning of my life?

Am I fulfilling my soul’s mission?

Am I making a difference in the lives of others?

Do I feel comfortable in my skin?

Does my own power or potential scare me?

This month, we explore our own personal power and what it is that holds us back from being the extraordinary beings we came here to be. We are each shamans in our own right. We all possess the power to shine, to overcome, to transmute tragedy, to rise from the ashes. Capricorn asks us to root down our dreams so that they can come to fruition.

In other words, establish a game plan, begin organizing your dreams into action steps. The sign of Capricorn demands we take action in the direction of our desires.

Full Moon Release Exercise

With the moon in an earth sign and the sun in a water sign, we have polarizing energies about, and we may experience some emotional or physical discomfort. While the Cancer sun sign asks us to listen to the wisdom of our hearts, the Capricorn full moon questions our motives, and demands rational explanations for our actions. It’s the old head-versus-heart tug-of-war. Which one will win?

Here’s what to do: Root Chakra Medicine and Stardust Magic

The root chakra is associated with Capricorn. This is the first chakra, our primal center, and speaks to feeling secure and safe. Its color is a deep red. When we don’t feel safe, we seek that security outside of ourselves, which provides us with a false shield. What we really need to be doing is focusing in on ourselves and what we can be doing to create an internal sense of happiness and fulfillment.

We are the ones we’ve been looking for.

The root speaks to our need for foundation, a place to call home, a belonging in this world. Where do you belong? It’s time to find your home on this Earth and take up lots of space.

Since the root chakra is located at the base of the body, we’re going to imagine drawing the energy up the body, rooting down to lift up. Stand up nice and tall, drawing your chin in slightly and gently lifting up from the crown of your head. Firmly plant your feet in the dirt, or mud, or grass, feeling the Earth beneath you providing a safe foundation for your vessel, your physical body.

As this sacred, colorful energy travels up the different chakras, lighting each one up as it does, you may feel a sense of space being created within the body and the mind. Rest for a moment in each chakra until you feel a sense of satiation, and then move on to the next.

Once you get to the star chakra, which floats above our physical bodies in space, spend five minutes here, connecting to the celestial bodies, space, and beyond. You are a part of it all, created from stardust. Your life matters greatly. We are all connected by an intricate web, and with each movement, thought, laughter or tear, there is a ripple effect. Each affects the other. There is no escaping our oneness.

Ask yourself to let go of anything that feels heavy, dense or yucky. You may feel a huge physical release as you do so, a vacuum of space opening up inside of you, inviting in more light, more joy, and more magic. As the moon moves to her fruition, becoming a giant ball of light, so too can you call in this light.

Call in your spirit guides, your Higher Self, and any and all benevolent energies, and ask that they hold space for you to release all that is ready to be released from your mind, body, and soul. Let it wash over you. Release. Now, go out and live this truth out loud. Take up space. A lot of it. You’re worthy of it all.


Sarah Martin is a Self-Love Architect and Anger Alchemist. She is a creatrix of the highest order, and phoenix rising. She is a certified meditation and breathwork magician, radical energy recalibrator, certified Yoga instructor, and mindfulness and well-being alchemist. An intuitive guide, she leads others to their highest personal paths, illuminating the shadows. She teaches others how to reclaim their power and come into alignment with their true soul purpose. She is also the creator of Radical Rage Yoga, a one-of-a-kind formula and method. She believes anger is a powerful portal to complete transformation. By transmuting anger into light, and dancing with our shadows, we lighten our spiritual load and step into our full power. You can contact her via her website, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.


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