Give Love, and Show Others There’s a Reason to Stay in This World.


You and I, we are living creatures. We have a heart that beats, blood that flows through our veins, and brains that work.

We have eyes and ears that observe and take in lots of things, feelings within that respond, and all this held together by our skin. We have this well-oiled system that works together. That can keep working together because we nourish it with what it needs. We give it oxygen, food and water. It’s all that we basically need to survive, right?

Our basic needs

We make sure that none of these things are missing from our life.

We all know that feeling when we haven’t eaten on time. Our stomach that starts to make these certain noises, our body that begins to shiver, and the moment we stand up, we experience an unsteady feeling. All signs that we need to take action and we do so by supplying our system with food. We need to.

Although we can go on without food for some hours (even days), studies show that by three weeks without food, our system starts to shut down, and eventually it stops and we die.

We also recognize the signs of dehydration. A dry mouth, feeling weak, and an inability to sweat may be signs that it’s time to drink some water. We can survive for a while, but after three days without fluids, we’re done.

A shortage of oxygen gets critical even faster. Three minutes without it means it’s over for us humans.

Food, water and oxygen are our basic needs to survive.

Love is another one of those needs.

How long do you think we can survive without love?

Signs of a love-deficient society

How long will it take before a heart that doesn’t receive love grows cold, turns into stone, and eventually shuts its door because it is too painful to feel the cold and the loneliness? When this happens, this heart stops giving love as well.

How long will it take before a skin that isn’t touched affectionately turns insensitive to intimacy and other human beings, and starts pushing people away?

How long will it take before eyes that aren’t shown examples of loving and respectful connections close and become indifferent, and start thinking that this is how it’s supposed to be?

How long will it take before ears that don’t hear friendly and loving words start expressing themselves in a harsh and defensive voice as a means of surviving the harshness they experience?

A significant reason to live or leave

We feed ourselves with so much more than only food, water and oxygen. We feed ourselves with love as well. We also feed ourselves with the absence of it. But are we aware of the signs?

A shortage or absence of love may not cause our body to die, like with the absence of food, water and oxygen. But on the inside, something else will die. And it may be the reason someone chooses to give up, either emotionally or physically.

The scarcity of love in our society is becoming more and more evident.

And yet, it is so simple.

To open your arms and give someone a warm hug. An encouraging hand on your friends shoulder or to reach out and gently caress your child or lover. To raise your head when meeting a stranger in the street and look them straight in the eyes and smile. When using your voice, to choose friendly and loving words for your colleagues or neighbors.

And by doing so, showing to the ones who lost their faith in love that it does exist. That there is a valid reason to stay here in this world, present and open.

Of course, it all starts with loving yourself first. But a human being cannot survive without feeling the love of another. A child cannot grow up and thrive without loving examples around him or her.

It costs nothing. No money at all. Only a few seconds of your time. A few seconds that will change the life of your fellow human being significantly.

I wonder, if love’s no longer here, how long will you survive without it?


LindaVanDerKwastLinda van der Kwast is a writer, a storyteller and a certified aura reader. She loves to explore what it is that moves people, and she has no fear of diving deep into a human soul to find that out. She likes writing about feelings and intuition. She hopes that one day people will recognize the powerful gift of feeling again. It inspired her to start her website. At times she mistakes the sea to be her home, and you’ll find her at the beach, far horizons filling her eye, wondering what’s out there. Closer to home you can meet her at Facebook or Twitter with a cup of tea and chocolate, balancing between expressing herself in Dutch and English.


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